Mark Bagley remains exclusive with Marvel, 6 fewer issues of Ult. Spider-Man in 2005


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May 17, 2004
[IMGL][/IMGL] (Press release) ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN artist continues exclusivity with the House of Ideas! Mark Bagley sticks to crawling the walls with Marvel Comics.

Fan-favorite Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley has extended his exclusive contract with Marvel Comics, re-confirming his ties with the company he's called home since the beginning of his comic book career.

"I'm enjoying my working situation more every day I'm with Marvel," said the prolific penciller. "I'm working with a terrific creative team and have wonderful support from both editorial and the big guys upstairs. A commitment from Marvel is a hell of a compliment. I've had an incredibly stable and fulfilling career with Marvel, and I'm as happy with the company now as I've ever been. And I think the contract means they are just as happy with me."

Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley is more than delighted with Bagley's work and his long-time association with the company. "I'm blown away by the length of Mark's tenure on Spidey's books. He's outdistanced both Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr. in that respect and he's at least equaled them in putting a definitive and unique stamp on the character."

"We know a good thing when we see it, and we want Mark to know we love him and appreciate the incredible time and energy he puts into the Marvel characters," said Joe Quesada, Marvel Editor-in-Chief. "We're proud he got his start right here…he's our Marvel Boy!"

Bagley is well known for having gotten his professional artistic start by winning the famed Marvel Try-Out Contest. From there he distinguished himself on such titles as Amazing Spider-Man, New Warriors, Thunderbolts, The Pulse, and currently is wowing the fannish masses on the immensely popular Ultimate Spider-Man book. He's also been teamed with a bevy of top writers, including Brian Michael Bendis, Kurt Busiek, and Fabian Nicieza.

Well-grounded, the artist is quick to recognize the warm and favorable reaction he's gotten from Marvel readers and the creative talent he's worked alongside since the beginning. "I'm pretty proud of my Thunderbolts work. It was gratifying the way the fans embraced the series. I look at my Ultimate Spider-Man work as a blessing. It is so great to work with such a talented bunch of guys, and the fact that fans so enjoy the book is really a tribute to the team."

Bagley's immediate future brings him to the drawing board, producing the kind of pages his fans like best. "I'm trying to make Ultimate Spidey my main focus for the time being. We're doing six fewer issues this year, and I'm really going to try and bring all I can to the book."
To bad, I liked to get USM two times a month. It was like an extra surprise!

Anyway, it´s good news that Mark Bagley is staying at Marvel. It´s hard to imagine Ultimate Spider-man without him...
Whether or not it's because Bagley does 18 issues, I've been seeing missing things from some issues. Like they're not fully drawn and stuff. If he cuts off a few issues then I hope his art will be better.
supermusli said:
But why six fewer issues?

Since nothing seems to have changed on Bagley's end, it seems to me entirely possible that this is because of Bendis and his increased workload more than anything.
Is the picture new? It didn't show up last time i looked. Sort of .....weaselly with glasses.
Caduceus said:
Is the picture new? It didn't show up last time i looked. Sort of .....weaselly with glasses.

Just added it with the Hitch on in the other story. I think this is an old pic but it's funny.

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