Mark Millar draws! It's true!



though this is not Bendis's normal style... he's trying to imitate Oemnig here.


ah, here's another one:
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Goodwill said:
Seems pretty good... I'd love to see what his usual style is.
Try picking up some of Bendis' indie work. Jinx, Goldfish, Fire... they're part of a line of crime noir comics called Jinxworld (Bendis has joked about how the Millar's Millarworld was basically ripping this off.)

They're pretty much alt comix in aesthetic, so Bendis uses a mix of line art, xerography and photo-collage to create a distinctively grungey look. The Jinxworld books are currently being printed in trade format by Image, and I heartily recommend Jinx and Goldfish.

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