Mark Millar talks 'Ultimates 2' with Comic Book Resources


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May 17, 2004
[IMGL][/IMGL] ...While it's en vogue to ridicule Marvel Comics for making each story a 6-issue arc, the same claims won't be made about "Ultimates 2," as Millar says he's taking a different approach to telling this Marvel story. "I've structured this quite differently from the usual Marvel books right now. The first six issues definitely form an arc, but it's comprised of an intro, a two-parter starring The Hulk, a two-parter detailing Thor's secret origin and then a single issue that wraps everything up, leads into the final arc and also has one of the Ultimates joining this low-budget team calling themselves The Defenders. I actually wrote this issue about eighteen months ago. I just couldn't wait to write issue six.

"'Grand Theft America' follows this and it's a big six-issue arc," continued Millar. "This is where the book gets bigger and more political, but I don't want to give any details on this until at least next Easter. We finish with twelve and that's twenty five issues in total. Four nice little trades and two sweet hardcovers for your bathroom of choice....

Read the entire interview at Comic Book Resources at . Includes new previews of previously unseen artwork.
Ah! I can't wait.

I'm so hyped for this issue, I can't possibly be let down.

And, that whole thing at Diamond, about Ultimates 2 comin' out 11/10 is a flop right?
DammitMischief said:
And, that whole thing at Diamond, about Ultimates 2 comin' out 11/10 is a flop right?

Cant wait for Ultimate 2 to come out. This is gonna be the best. Who do you think is gonna take over. Ellis maybe?
I think Ellis is done with Marvel after the Ultimate Nightmare trilogy. Not sure how long he's on Iron Man but he much prefers creator-owned work, for obvious reasons.

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