Marvel Animated/Lionsgate Entertainment's upcoming films (Planet Hulk?!)


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Jun 29, 2006
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Marvel and Lionsgate have announced their upcoming releases

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow - August 2008
Hulk Vs. - January 2009
Thor: Son of Asgard - September 2009
Planet Hulk - February 2010

This is from theguys that made Ultimate Avengers, Invincible Iron Man, Dr. Stange guys, their work is passable at best usually, but they have been improving Iron Man was ok, and I thought Dr. Strange was a step in the right direction. This "Next Avengers" is supposed to be about the Avengers children being forced to become Avengers themselves when Ultron kills the old ones it sounds a little tame. Hulk Vs. is Hulk Smash renamed and IIRC it features Hulk going up against Wolverine, Thor, and someone else, definite fanboy service. Thor son of Asgard could be great if they do it right and play off the mythology more than the super-heroism. Then there is Planet Hulk, which I think could be awesome, I hope Marvel/Lionsgate makes more movies based directly off their important stories *fantasizes of animated Annihilation*.
Planet Hulk.


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