Marvel at the Canadian Expo!


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Jul 24, 2004
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C.B. Cebulski held a Cup 'O Panel at the Fan Expo in Canada and CBR was there to cover it.


He did, however, offer one tidbit that was somewhat "astonishing." Cebulski said, "The only other thing outside of 'Brand New Day' that has been announced is the Jeph Loeb and J. Scott Campbell 'Astonishing Spider-Man' book. They are hard at work on that."

When pressed if the book was, in fact, called "Astonishing Spider-Man," Cebulski responded, "We just jokingly refer to it as 'Astonishing Spider-Man,'" and on to confirm the book is a miniseries, not an arc in one of the "Spider-Man" ongoing titles.
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What are you talking about? I think you misread that quote...

Oh, you're right, I did. Sorry.

Still, they have to have reason for calling it that. Alternatively, they've run out of adjectives.

Do they not realise "Astonishing Spider-Man" exists here in the uk? It is a re-printing of Amazing and sometimes other stories , has cool writ- in questions and such... :lol: (it's pretty cool)
Yes, and their reason is "it's a joke".

I know it's a joke. I'm just saying that the name probably still has something to do with the miniseries. Other wise they'd call it "Spider-Man Miniseries Number 47."

Sorry, should've made that clearer.

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