Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (continued)


Oct 6, 2021
Right, so the entirety of Loki and What If occur sometime before Tony's funeral in Endgame IMO.
Yeah I'd say like right after Loki gets abducted it happens cause you can't really place events outside the timeline relative to the timelines present. Best you can do is put it relative to the events in the timeline that started events outside the timeline, in this case that being Loki being pulled from the timeline by the TVA


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Aug 5, 2014
Hey I noticed today that Black Widow has been moved to after Black Panther in the Disney+ Timeline order. Is there any confirmation or info that puts it before or after the film? I know that the Disney+ order isn't 100% reliable.
I agree with Rman, however, I do prefer to watch them in the original placement with CW, BW, BP. It feels a lot smoother in my watch that way as BW is sort of an extension of CW in some ways and BP exists all on its own after the fact. Plus for me it helps the Bucky goes to Wakanda, then suddenly Bucky is up and about thing at the ends of CW and BP. Feels like it makes more sense when there is more time between those moments, but that's just me.

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