Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (Part 2)

The release date here in germany is the 9tn, but the english cinema I usualy go to shows movies always 1-2 days early which is always great
The presskit for The Marvels reveals themes from X2: X-Men United and X-Men: Days of Future Past are used at the end of the movie. In a trailer or teaser, the letter X was the last to fade away.

This fits with a leak about Beast (TLS actor) appearing in the post-credits scene. I imagine that it would be set in Earth-17315 (Revised Timeline/Logan future). Logically anyway, I doubt it'll be set in Earth-10005, Earth-18315, Earth-41633, or Earth-66250. Maybe Earth-838.
Wait... why did I post it in this thread? Lol, let's just pretend this didn't happen here, haha.

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