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Dec 10, 2005

Marvel's superheroines step into the spotlight in June with a five-issue weekly series called Heralds.

The miniseries, by writer Kathryn Immonen (Patsy Walker: Hellcat, Runaways) and artist Tonci Zonjic (Marvel Divas), was announced this afternoon on G4 TV's Attack of the Show.

According to "Fresh Ink" host Blair Butler, years ago a herald of Galactus sacrificed her life for the universe, but a portion of her spirit lived on. And in Heralds that spirit returns to seek revenge "on those who left her behind."

So it's up to the heroines of the Marvel Universe -- Emma Frost, Hellcat, Agent Brand, She-Hulk, Monica Rambeau and Valkyrie, among them -- and "a mysterious new character named Francis" to stop the threat.

"Cities are destroyed, families are torn apart and a cosmic resurrection changes our heroes' lives forever," Butler said.

You can watch the entire "Fresh Ink" segment after the break. ... ralds.html
Why is everyone fighting zombies, robots, and dinosaurs while Abigale Brand is wailing on a senior citizen?
"Watch Pulsar,Valkyrie and Hellcat fight zombies, Emma frost fight giant robots, She Hulk face off agaisnt a T-rex....And Agent Brand beat the **** out of old people"

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