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Aug 16, 2005
This maybe an old series but I was in my local comic shop today and due to how much I spend there mostly star wars and transformers comics I've got kind of a friendship with guy who runs it.

They get in new and old comics and he kept for me Marvel Knights : Spider-man 1-22 they had just got in , So I bought them and shall post my thoughts later after I've starting reading .

So this looks fun. The guy who runs it made me laugh when it said "Here we kept this for you" I said "cool thanks , but I never asked for it." He then replied "I know but this is the series that goes from eddie venom to the new venom. the second we got it in i said ahhh and important venom story , CJ will buy it" :lol: he so gets me.

So I shall start reading this soon but I have no idea what it's about :lol:
I really like the first 12 issues. The rest is ****e.
What is it about?

First 12 issues are by Mark Millar and Terry Dodson (I think 2 issues are done by Frank Cho). Basically, Aunt May is kidnapped. Someone has figured out Spider-Man's identity and is going to **** with him. So Spider-Man has to track down whoever is behind it, while dealing with other subplots (the new Venom, their bills, the reward for the identity of Spider-Man etc). It's basically "Hush" (the Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee Batman story where Batman fights a lot of villains) for the Spider-Man universe. Practically everyone is here, from the Green Goblin, a crazy Doctor Octopus, three Venoms, and even the Sinister Twelve...

Lots of people hate it, but I enjoyed it.

As for the rest... I believe it's written by Hudlin (who is a terrible writer) and is all crap. I think the next 6 issues are about a Skrull impersonating the Sentry or something like that, and then the rest might tie into the Other storyline, which was a massive waste of space and time.

Maybe you'll like it.
Maybe you'll like it.

:lol: Don't think I didn't catch that :p

But cool thanks dude , The Green Goblin and Venom 12 issues you mentioned sounds cool.

If it leads to the Other I might end up having to buy the other just for the full story kinda of thing though I have no idea what that is about too.
Read 1-8 today ("Down among the dead men" and "Venomous") I have to say so far I'm loving this. I wish I had read it when it was out as I know things like "Peter's identity wont be reviled" "Aunt may will be ok" ect.... But still damn good.

Now here are things I don't like much. The new green goblin costume , seen it during civil war too and I don't like it. To me the original costume was the best costume. BUT it's still better than the movies goblins costumes.

I understand why this was important to Eddie Venom I just wish we actually had one last fight in this before giving up the suit. Even if it was against vulture to help Spider-man.

Those things aside I love it. My favourite part so far was Spider-man visiting norman in his cell. That was fantastic. Norman had to me anyway a Hannibal Lecter thing going on I Love it , It was more entertaining to me than the rest of the comic just because of rare (to me) moments like that are.

Also "Spider-man , Spider-man " tune references and the little reference to the Spider-buggy was nice , I laughed so hard when he said "something I tried very hard to forget" next to the Spidey-Buggy :lol:

these 8 comics so far I give 4.5/5 had those two little things I didn't like been diffrent it would be 5/5
earlier today before I left I read the rest. :cry: it was hoorrible , the last stand was great though and poked fun and some stuff they do e.g Aunt may saying "she said you throw a hissy fit over this once a year" Which just made me :lol:

the one after the last stand had no good qualities , the other ones I have no idea as it was part 2 and 11 and stuff but not part 1 which was annoying BUT i loved the art on it
So I love Millar's run on MK Spider-Man, and I thought "The Other" storyline was pretty good too. The other day I figured, "I have almost the whole run of this series in TPB, I should pick up the one I'm missing!" I had heard it was bad, but I was not prepared for how bad it actually was. Not Ultimates 3 bad, but It was pretty stupid! A super skrull/Superman mash-up? So stupid.

So, to sum up: Don't waste your time or money on Marvel Knights Spider-Man Volume 4: Wild Blue Yonder

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