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I was going to run another update poll regarding movies or tv shows that you want to see greenlit. Problem is there's too many options what should be television, what should be movies, what should be animated, etc... So just go crazy and tell us what you want.

For me...

TV -

Daredevil - It wouldn't have an outrageous budget and seems like the right kind of personal story that would fuel a good tv series. Preferred channel: FOX

Punisher - Call me crazy but I think following Frank Castle around on a weekly basis after his family was gunned down could be fun. Add in a conspiracy to fuel some intrigue and I think we got it. Preferred Channel: HBO


Pretty much everything but I single out...

The Runaways - It should be done. Or could also work as a WB tvshow. Yes, I said that.


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I would like to see a Bishop series- where Bishop retains almost no memory and has to find clues to lead him to how to save the future, adventually guess starring the x-men.

Maybe an X-men, Spider-man live action show if it was done right. X-men would be low budget probably and who require good acting and a great plot. Spider-man focusing on his earlier days, based on Ultimate with a hint of 616.

Just so you know they are making a Blade tv show.

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The Runaways - It should be done. Or could also work as a WB tvshow. Yes, I said that.

This could be done well as a CW show. The first season could follow the first season of Runaways pretty easily, while building a credible cast. The problem would be when to show it.

Most likely the time slot would have to be after Smallville. You need to have that crowd get into the new show, and then let Smallville die a slow death

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Deadpool: the Animated Series.
This would follow Deadpool's mercenary activities and psychosis. A horribly scared man, both on the outside and inside, who tries to hide his insecurities and lack of social skills with sarcasm and jokes. He's trying to be a hero... but can't break away from his inner demons.
The show itself will generally contain drama, action (more chaotic, less flashy), fortune-cookie philosophy, observational satire, and dark humor.

Main Cast:
Blind Al: Deadpool's hostage/roommate who he uses as a mother figure and confidante.
Cable: A friend of Siryn who believes Deadpool is worth saving. Sometimes he anonymously hires Deadpool for more heroic missions.
Copycat: A love interest that reminds Deadpool of a past he wants to forget. Somewhat obsessive but distrustful.
Dr. Killbrew: The one responsible for leaving Deadpool an empty husk, and is trying to make up for his past sins.
Patch: Owner of the Hellhouse, a stomping ground for mercenaries.
Siryn: A love interest that guides Deadpool into being a better man.
T-Ray: Antagonizes and bullies Deadpool at the Hellhouse.
Weasel: Deadpool's weapon supplier and drinking buddy.

A-Jax (flashbacks).
B.A.D. Girls.
(Black Mamba, Asp, Diamondback).
Black Tom Cassidy.
Dr. Killbrew
Garrison Kane.
Typhoid Mary.
Vamp Animus.
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I love topics like this

Even thou most will not like choices here they are


Ultimate Spider-man - One arc = One season. Could be like Buffy and Smallville but with Spider-man. Keep it the same storyline as comics only add new Villain of the week in there e.g first arc add more thugs and robbers untill the end with big assed goblin fight.

Blade Animated - Not set in movie time line like a real dark adult cartoon. With as much blood ect... as the most graphic Manga but with Spawn style art.

Hulk - Imagine the old hulk tv show style with the CGI hulk from the horrible movie (movie sucked but i liked cgi hulk)

Ultimates C.S.I meets Comic books. How could this fail?

What If? I see this as been like tales of the crypt with the bald guy from What If comics introducing each episode


Secret Wars Impossible due to rights but damn that would make me have almost as bigger fan-boy erection as it will when I see Venom live action in Spider-man. Movie could even be done in three , three hour parts like LOTR but good.

Sentry Never seen him. I keep hearing he is a superman rip-off and am curious as to what he is like so this might be cool


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A live-action Daredevil weekly series, like MWoF suggested, probably has the most potential of any pitch I've heard in a while.

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I'd watch it.

What? I admit to nothing!

I think that MWoF's Daredevil idea, if done right, could be really good.

I could actually see a TV actor like say...Jensen Ackles playing a good Matt Murdock. His portrayal of Dean as of late on Supernatural has kind of reminded me of DD.

I would so totally watch a Spider-ham cartoon.

Ultimate Deadpool's idea for a Deadpool TV series is pretty awesome.

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Thor Odinson: Should be placed in Asgard, the enemies could be Loki, Surtur and that Ice giant guy. It would be cool to see Asgard under sieged. About 3 hours of lenght, Lord of the Rings style.


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Turner D. Century needs some screen time. some how, some way, they gotta make this happen

Turner D. Century should be in everything.

Ultimate Quicksilver said:
Thor Odinson: Should be placed in Asgard, the enemies could be Loki, Surtur and that Ice giant guy. It would be cool to see Asgard under sieged. About 3 hours of lenght, Lord of the Rings style.

I agree. Even though I'm kind of sick of the epic fantasy movies that are going on right now (Harry Potter, Narnia, random stuff) this is the only way Thor would work. I don't care about him travelling to earth etc. That can only work in the Ultimates.

And for all of the people posting about a Daredevil TV series, compound posted an awesome amount of ideas for one in a thread. Best series that never happened? Probably.


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Maybe, at the end of the Thor movie, they could have Odin talking about how Thor needs to learn humility or something, or have Thor disappear after the climax and have people wonder where he's gone. You know, as a shout out to Donald Blake's origin.

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A dark Spider-Man cartoon, written as if it were in the Marvel Max comics. But has like a Smallville feel to it. With rock, alternative, rap, and maybe techno music playing during the action scenes.

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