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With both teams having new lineups. Who do you think will win in a fight or is the cooler team?

New Avengers
Captain America
Iron Man
Luke Cage
The Sentry

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Black Canary
Red Tornado
Red Arrow
Black Lighting


Superman vs The Sentry
The Man Of Steel against the Man Of Million Exploding Suns

Batman vs Captain America

It's hand to hand combat of some of the best fighters.

Wonder Woman vs Ms.Marvel
Who's chest power will win this one?

Vixen vs Wolverine
The powers of the animals against the animal rage.

Black Lighting vs Luke Cage
Lighting vs Unbreakable Skin

Black Canary vs Spider-Woman
I don't care who wins. I just want to watch.

Green Lantern vs Iron Man
The universe's greatest weapon takes on the armor of tomorrow.

Red Tornado vs Vision
Android against Android.

Red Arrow vs Ronin
Can Echo's skills help her against the crimson archer?

Hawkwoman vs Spider-Man
The leftovers.

And who would win if a full out team battle?

EDIT-I forgot to add a poll. Will a mod add one?
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Re: New Avengers vs New JLA

I could put a hell of a lot of time into this, but on gut and initial review....

New Avengers, with the additions, would win.
Re: New Avengers vs New JLA

Superman vs. Sentry: This fight is between the singlemost powerful hero in one universe, and the limitless power absorber in another. Sentry can't tire, Superman can. The one thing Superman has going for him is that he's the original. Sentry will start off winning the fight, but once he realizes that Superman isn't going down, he'll doubt himself. Once he doubts himself the Void takes over and Bob Reynolds becomes a mess.
Winner: Superman

Batman vs. Captain America: These are the two greatest fighters in their respective worlds. It would probably be the only stalemate of all of the fights. Batman's taken on Superman and lived, Cap's done the same to Iron Man.
Winner: Tie

Wonder Woman vs. Ms. Marvel: Ms. Marvel's distinct advantage in a fight is her energy powers, too bad WW doesn't use energy. Godlike strength and speed take Warbird down fast.
Winner: Wonder Woman

Vixen vs. Wolverine: Vixen can only copy animals' powers, Wolverine is one. Wolverine has too many advantages, adamantium, claws, healing factor to go down.
Winner: Wolverine

Black Lightning vs. Luke Cage: This is a battle of the high ground. While Luke Cage would knock Jefferson Pierce out with one punch, Lightning's not going to let him get close enough. The lightning blasts are also a good way to knock Cage back, maybe into a hole or off a cliff.
Winner: Black Lightning

Black Canary vs. Spider-Woman: This is a matter of who's a better fighter, (Canary) and who has better powers (Spider-Woman). While BC is one of the most accomplished fighters in the DCU, Spider-Woman's had training by the HAND, and a huge power upgrade.
Winner: Spider-Woman

Red Arrow vs. Ronin: Ronin has perfect accuracy, so does Red Arrow. Ronin has the abilities of Bullseye, Daredevil and other great fighters. Red Arrowhas a perfect aim with any projectile object. Even though they seem hoky, a good ol' boxing glove arrow to Ronin after a flash blang arrow to the deaf fighter, and Harper's got it in the bag.
Winner: Red Arrow

Green Lantern vs. Iron Man: Tony Stark is the ultimate inventor. But he's no god, and that's what created the Green Lantern ring, the Guardians. Since both are two of the most powerful fighters in their universes, it should be a draw. The only catch is this is Hal Jordan Tony's got to fight. If it were Kyle, John or Guy, Tony would seal it, but noone beats the greatest of them all.
Winner: Green Lantern

Red Tornado vs. Vision: Both of these androids are a fragment of what their powers used to be. Red Tornado is now human but the Vision's brainwave patterns are that of a teenager. Even though Vision's got the physical advantage, experience is what's going to win out here.
Winner: Red Tornado

Hawkgirl vs. Spider-Man: Hawkgirl's good, but she's no Hawkman. Spidey's taken down people much more powerful than here and he can do it again. It's one power vs. a dozen powers. Plus, editorial rights stake that Spider-Man can't loose.
Winner: Spider-Man

Overall:With only 3 and a half wins the Avengers go down hard. I'd like to think that they would end up teaming up in the end though. Plus Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman win any day. Now if the Mighty Avengers Wasp, Black Widow, Ares, Wonder Man got into this it would be a whole nother fight.
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Re: New Avengers vs New JLA

Superman vs The Sentry - Nobody wins this battle.... Although Sentry has the edge because his only weakness is psychological rather than physical. As long as both men are absorbing solar power, this fight would go on, destroying planets in its wake.

Batman vs Captain America - Honestly, this is the most difficult battle to picture. Batman has the edge as the fighter, due to the training, but a lot of his hand to hand combat would be useless against Cap's superpowers. This would end with a tie, or a truce.

Wonder Woman vs Ms.Marvel - Wonder Woman wins hands down. She has the training and the tactics.

Vixen vs Wolverine - Wolverine is the best at what he does. Vixen is second best at what she does, and even Animal Man couldnt beat Wolverine.

Black Lighting vs Luke Cage - It all depends on whether Luke Cage's insides are as unbreakable... but that doesn't really matter if Black Lightning creates a current inside of Luke's stomach...

Black Canary vs Spider-Woman - Black Canary, because the sonic scream takes down Spider-Woman from a distance, where her terrorist training can do her no good.

Green Lantern vs Iron Man - Green Lantern. Hands down. Tony might have had an edge before they found a way around the yellow impurity in the ring, but the tony of today can't win against the most powerful weapon in the universe

Red Tornado vs Vision - Well, for one, Vision is a Young Avenger, and Red Tornado is no longer an Android. Vision can go transparent, which gives him the edge.

Red Arrow vs Ronin - One glue arrow in the eyes takes her out. She doesn't have supernatural powers like Daredevil. Once blinded, Ronin is pretty useless...

Hawkgirl vs Spider-Man - Spidey has some experience with wings, but not with Nth Metal maces with could easily knock him out while she flies high above any buildings for Spidey to swing on.

The other interesting battle would be between the Teen Titans and The Young Avengers...


Robin vs. The Patriot
Wonder Girl vs. Stature
Raven vs. Wiccan
Cyborg vs. Vision
Ravager vs. Hawkeye
Ms. Martian vs. Hulkling
Kid Devil vs. Speed

Robin vs. The Patriot - Robin has the training the Patriot hasn't had, not to mention the fact that Tim Drake has the potential for becoming a better detective, if not a better fighter.

Wonder Girl vs. Stature - Thunder of Zeus + Strength and Rage of Ares = Stature loses bigtime.

Raven vs. Wiccan - If Wiccan is anywhere near as powerful as his mother, Raven wouldn't stand a chance. Her victory would be accidental.

Cyborg vs. Vision - Vision has the attitude of a kid, but the extensive database of the previous Vision. Tactically, he's brilliant, and he has a better set of tricks than Cyborg.

Ravager vs. Hawkeye - Ravager is Deathstroke's daughter, trained by Nightwing. No contest.

Ms. Martian vs. Hulkling - White Martian versus a Skrull/Kree. Lots of shapeshifting... but I think a White Martian would have the balls to do what a mixed species prince of two alien cultures wouldn't.

Kid Devil vs. Speed - Kid Devil is still finding his game, and Speed is an *** who can make things blow up. I think the latter would win

( the other blacked out character on the DC cover is Jericho, as seen in the cover for february's comics, but since he doesnt have anybody to fight anyways, I didn't include him)
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Re: New Avengers vs New JLA

What the hell is that odd picture of the Young Avengers? You couldn't chose a better one?

Superman vs The Sentry
I think Superman has the experience and skills to win this one. It would be a touch battle and planet exploding would be awesome.

Batman vs Captain America
Batman has the gadgets and will to win this one. It will be close and Cap could own most the fight.

Wonder Woman vs Ms.Marvel
Wonder Woman has the strength and fighting ability that Ms.Marvel lacks.

Vixen vs Wolverine
Wolverine would cut her hair even shorter.

Black Lighting vs Luke Cage
I think Luke Cage could handle anything BL throws his way to give him a knockout punch.

Black Canary vs Spider-Woman
Black Canary has the skills she's learning from Shiva which will help with the training Jessica got from the Hand. And she was trained by the JSA.

Green Lantern vs Iron Man
Pretty much the same reason as everyone else.

Red Tornado vs Vision
I think Vision does have the upper hand. His denisty would help with any tornado's coming his way.

Red Arrow vs Ronin
This would be a close one. If Red can move fast enough to fire an arrow then it's his.

Hawkwoman vs Spider-Man
Spider-Man has tooken down tougher.

JLA wins with 5-4


Robin vs. The Patriot
Robin. Hands down.

Wonder Girl vs. Stature
Wondergirl has powers from the gods. She gets big. No contest.

Raven vs. Wiccan
This all depends on the power levels of Wiccan. He's still new to this so that gives Raven an edge.

Cyborg vs. Vision
I think Vision has more pimped out tricks than Cyborg.

Ravager vs. Hawkeye
Is this even fair?

Ms. Martian vs. Hulkling
I think the mind set that is the Martian would make her lose this one.

Kid Devil vs. Speed
Speed would run circles around Eddie.

The Titans win by a crushing 5-2
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Re: New Avengers vs New JLA

Should I just turn this into a Marvel vs. DC fight thread?
Re: New Avengers vs New JLA

Should I just turn this into a Marvel vs. DC fight thread?


Shadowpact vs. Midnight Sons!

Blue Devil vs. Johnny Blaze
Detective Chimp vs. Hannibal King
Enchantress vs. Doctor Strange
Nightmaster vs. Blade
Nightshade vs. Victoria Montesi
Ragman vs. Morbius

Checkmate vs. SHIELD!

Sasha Bordeaux vs. Black Widow (Natasha Romanov)
Beatriz da Costa vs. .... I don't know...
King Faraday vs. Nick Fury
Jessica Midnight vs. Jessica Drew
Michael Holt vs. Wonder Man
Werner Vertigo vs. Falcon
Amanda Waller vs. Maria Hill

Monster Society of Evil vs. The Masters of Evil!

News Gods vs. Inhumans!

Outsiders vs. Runaways!

Secret Six vs. Thunderbolts!

Doom Patrol vs. X-Men!

Edit: We could totally have a whole series based of of these.
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Re: New Avengers vs New JLA


Shadowpact vs. Midnight Sons!

Checkmate vs. SHIELD!

Monster Society of Evil vs. The Masters of Evil!

News Gods vs. Inhumans!

Outsiders vs. Runaways!

Secret Six vs. Thunderbolts!

Doom Patrol vs. X-Men!

Edit: We could totally have a whole series based of of these.

Don't go doing them all at once.

I have a better one for The Secret Six tomorrow.
Re: New Avengers vs New JLA

What the hell is that odd picture of the Young Avengers? You couldn't chose a better one?

Its the only pic I found with the current line-up.

Ooooh... SHIELD vs. Checkmate = Awesome.

But Hydra kicks Kobra's *** any day of the week.
Re: New Avengers vs New JLA

Anyway, here's my bets on the outcomes of the JLA/NA fights. The results will probably skew strongly towards DC just because the nature of the two universes. The DC Universe has a huge amount of superheroes competing to be the best. Characters regularly disappear for long stretches of time just to become better fighters, and wander all over the world fighting cosmic threats. The Marvel universe tends to be more localized and deal more with reluctant heroes.

Superman vs The Sentry
They're both indestructible. If the fight just kept going and kept going, they'd just end up ripping through planets. However, Superman is a stable, well-balanced individual who's experienced in his role. Sentry has a long history of mental imbalance. Sentry will crack and Supes will put him down.

Batman vs Captain America
Cap has plenty of experience as a leader and as a fighter, but Batman's proven again and again that he's got one of the greatest tactical minds in the world, and he's honed his skills to the level that he's one of the best fighters. Cap's got some super powers, but Bats is just too experienced. His head is too good in the game. If both characters went into the game with a cold reading of each other, Cap might be able to quickly overpower Bats, but if the conflict ends up being long (and I think BRuce is resourceful enough to insure it is), it's game over. Wayne's just too damn smart.

Wonder Woman vs Ms.Marvel
She's practically a god. It's just not fair.

Vixen vs Wolverine

Wolverine would crush her like a twig.

Black Lighting vs Luke Cage
Luke's a brawler. Black Lightning can control thunder. He has the distance, and the power.

Black Canary vs Spider-Woman
Black Canary has more training, and she's got the distance advantage with the shriek.

Green Lantern vs Iron Man
Hal Jordan's the best Green Lantern there ever was. Tony's powerful, but his suit doesn't have the versatility that the ring does. Tony can build however many toys will fit onto his suit, but Hal's arsenal is only limited by his mind. Plus, Tony's a drunk. No one likes drunks.

Red Tornado vs Vision
Vision's been around the block. He has an extensive amount of information in his system, and he has an immense amount of versatility that Reddy doesn't have. Plus he's still a robot. The Tornado would get crushed, bad.

Red Arrow vs Ronin
He's got too many goodies, and too many gadgets. Rumor is, he's even more skilled than Green Arrow. Ronin's just a punk.

Hawkgirl vs Spider-Man
Spidey's weaker thank Hawkgirl, but he's also smarter, more agile, and more experienced. Plus, he has background taking down flying enemies. Hell, half his rogue's gallery is fliers. While Hawkgirl may be able to fly above him and keep out of his sights, she eventually needs to zoom in for the kill, and in the city streets, he has the maneuverability advantage. He can turn and change direction much easier than she can with her wings.

DC wins with a landslide, but then again, their characters are skewed towards the more powerful end of things.
I know we were going to wait for a Secret Six matchup, but I think that this one's just as good. The teams only have one thing in common that they're the biggest teams in their universe's

The Justice Society of America and The X-Men


Flash vs. Cannonball: The two fastest members of each team.
Starman vs. Havok: Cosmic powered heroes.
Power Girl vs. Rogue: Girls with mystirious pasts and huge powers.
Hourman vs. Colossus: The toughest of each team.
Damage vs. Warpath: The rookies with loads of power.
Green Lantern vs. Cyclops: The team leaders.
Obsidian vs. Nightcrawler: Fighters that thrive in the darkness.
Mr. Terrific vs. The Beast: The smartest men on each team.
Liberty Belle vs. Emma Frost: Random girl fight where I couldn't make any more matchups.
Cyclone vs. Polaris: A young gun with big powers against a veteren with big powers.
Stargirl vs. Marvel Girl: The two that shouldn't be underestimated.
Hawkman vs. Sabretooth: The fiercest warriors of each team.
Wildcat vs. Wolverine: The best at what they do.
Jakeem Thunder vs. Darwin: Unlimited power vs. unlimited resources.
Dr. Mid-Nite vs. Mystique: A blind doctor against a shapeshifting assassin.
Sand vs. Iceman: Two elementials, who wins? Water or Earth.
Commander Steel vs. Cable: Um, they both have cybernetic parts.
Mr. America vs. Shadowcat: One's the greatest spy in the game, the other can walk through walls.

Three of the X-Men, Proffesor X, Prime Sentinel, and Lady Mastermind don't have counterparts.
And now to answer the Teen Titans/ Young Avengers fight:

Robin vs. Patriot: Robin was trained by the world's greatest martial artist. Patriot wasn't even accepted by Captain America.
Winner: Robin, fastest fight.

Wonder Girl vs. Stature: Anyone see Wonder Woman fight Giganta? Exactly.
Winner: Wonder Girl

Raven vs. Wiccan: Raven's a nut job, Wiccan's a confused kid. This fight will get out of control. Raven's legacy is being the daughter of one of the most powerful demons on Earth. Wiccan's the son of Wanda freaking Maximoff. Wiccan's powers take on the best of the best sorcerers.
Winner: Wiccan

Cyborg vs. Vision: Cyborg is a physical brawler, Vision is a thinker. Seeing as the Vision can read technology, Vic's shut down.
Winner: Vision

Ravager vs. Hawkeye: Hey, Green Arrow took down Deathstroke. Hawkeye is no Green Arrow though.
Winner: Ravager. Like shooting fish in a barrel

Ms. Martian vs. Hulkling: This is the toughest fight to judge. While the White Martian's are in the Superman level of power, the Kree and Skrulls are two of the most powerful group of alien invaders the universe has ever seen.
Winner: Ms. Martian just has way too many powers.

Kid Devil vs. Speed: These two are the most unstable of their respective groups. Kid Devil's a demon who can breathe fire and heal any injury. Speed is the nephew and son of two of the world's most powerful mutants. And may I mention, ahem, Magneto? Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Magneto could take Blue Devil if they were dead.
Winner: Speed

Looks like the Titans win with a resounding 4-3 victory. It might seem that I'm basing this off of their mentor's, but hey, that's where they got the powers.
Why are you guys calling Arsenal Red arrow?....and he is not better than GW

Ronin would own his butt.....or he would sleep with he did with chechire.
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Why are you guys calling Arsenal Red arrow?....and he is not better than GW

Ronin would own his butt.....or he would sleep with he did with chechire.

We're calling him Red Arrow, because in the JLA book he's wearing a costume that's exactly like Green Arrow's, except red.

Miss Martian vs. Xavin
Relatively inexperienced newcomer vs. rookie trained to be an inter-galactic super-soldier? I don't even need to ask!

Cyborg vs. Victor Mancha
Pimped-out tech on both guys, but Victor's most effective secret weapon is that he's an inveterate fanboy, so if he's aware of Cyborg's public history, then he's got a definite advantage.

Wonder Girl vs. Karolina Dean
Sorry, I need to pick the Goddess, in this case.

Raven vs. Nico Minoru
They decide not to fight and go shopping at Hot Topic together, instead. No, seriously, Nico wins out because she has unpredictability on her side, given the (technically) infinite number of spells she has not yet casted. Just the same, I figure that both teams would probably end up recognizing their misunderstanding eventually, and Nico and Raven would have a passionate make-up fling, because that's just how they roll.

Jericho vs. The Leapfrog
Still don't know enough about what Jericho can do with his new body to decide. (Am reading the series in TPBs.)

Ravager vs. Molly Hayes
Trained by Deathstroke vs. learned to fight by watching Saturday morning cartoons. No contest here. I just hope Molly survives!

Kid Devil vs. Chase Stein
This would have been more fun when Chase had the Fistigons, but whatever. Now he's got a deinonychus that responds to all his mental commands. Given that he's willing to play dirty on the battlefield, I think no amount of fire-breathing would save Kid Devil's ***.

Robin's intellect and mad detective skills would have been a good match for Alex Wilder's obsessive plotting. I guess the (dead, for now) ex-Runaway could be teased as the mastermind behind the initial conflict between the teams?

I also think it's not too much of a stretch to hint that Trigon and the Gibborim are somehow connected to each other, given the similar nature of their abilities. Perhaps they are different types of Elder Ones, in a Lovecraftian-style pantheon.

I'd like to see this with art by Takeshi Miyazawa (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane), or Joelle Jones (Ten Reasons Why I Love Her).
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Nightwing vs. Dirk Anger
Thunder vs. Monica Rambeau
Grace vs. Elsa Bloodstone
Katana vs. Tabitha Smith
Captain Boomerang vs. The Captain
Metamorpho vs. Aaron Stack

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