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... maybe?

I've been throwing around the idea of starting a fanfic set in the Batman Begins universe, continuing the story with the established characters and introducing new characters. I would do this in the gritty vein of the movie, and would try to keep realistic visuals (I'd do this like the spidey fanfic, except more polished). I'd use references of the actors for the characters.

If I do this, I would plan to do one page a day for a month; each month would mark a new issue, and each issue (probably) one story. The story would progress in this way.

Is anyone interested in seeing this? If so, I hope to start by June 1, so I need some feedback.




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I'm interesting. I was planning on writing a fanfic like this as well, though it would only be a mini-series. It was going to involve Batman chasing after "The Joker", but along the way he comes across The Scarecrow, and maybe even Ra's Al Ghul...

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