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Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
Marvel Announces Five New Exclusive Online Titles

Last November, Marvel Comics launched "Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited" an online initiative which made issues from Marvel's vast library of issues available for subscription. The program offers an ever-changing selection of comics, ranging in the thousands, from classic comics to recent issues (older than six months). While specific numbers have not been disclosed by Marvel, the growth and vigor of the division suggests that it is one of the company's bigger success stories of the past few years.

The program has been a vigorous part of Marvel's efforts over the past year, and has seen, in recent months, more and more content that is either exclusive to the web, or begins on the web, and is later included in collections of other printed material, such as Secret Invasion: Home Invasion and a prologue to issue #1 of Secret Invasion.

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