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Hi Miles Fan, welcome! :)

Stan Lee doesn't actually own Marvel. He just co-created most of their heroes. But yeah, he is really old. It will be sad when he passes.


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Plenty of people say he's not that great, his contributions as compared to Kirby and Ditko are vastly overstated, and he's kind of a jerk because of how he has taken credit he may not have deserved.

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Marvel is great, and the pioneering work of Stan Lee paved the way for the lovely storyboards of creatively spun Marvel super-villains such as Carnage and Doctor Doom.

I want to take a look at the special achievement Marvel boasts with Carnage.

Carnage is a symbiote villain and nemesis of Spider-Man. Once just a 'normal criminal psycho' named Cletus Kasady, Carnage was born of the symbiote substance which made him very strong, agile, unpredictable, and (as his name implies) improvisationally terrifying.

When I think of Carnage, I think of those cuts and wounds that really shock human beings and the devastation that causes us to shriek (e.g., decapitation, disembowelling, dehydration, etc.). A human being is a symmetrical creature, bipedal and sometimes bipolar. When we go eschew or our joints are contorted out of position, we feel we are becoming deformed, discombobulated, or disoriented. Well, Carnage represents those really non-geometric (or bizarre) kinds of shock/pain (e.g., a soldier getting his left hand blown off on the battlefield).

Carnage is in my opinion the scariest Spidey villain and arguably the scariest Marvel villain, perhaps challenging the 'intellectual dominion' of iconically 'bad' DC villains such as Brainiac and Scarecrow.

When you get into a car accident, you think of Venom or Red Skull; when you get hit by a truck, you think of Carnage.

Carnage is a great totem of Marvel's overall enthralling landscape, and Stan Lee will always admire Carnage in some way...


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