Mediocre American Man Trilogy


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Jan 19, 2007
For discussion about the Will Ferrell/Adam McKay/Judd Apatow colon trilogy (but mostly about the as-yet-to-be-released third film, rumored to be "Booby Trap: The Tale of Rusty Butte," about a man who falls into the world of pornography).

So far, here are the similarities between the films:
- All titles are reworkings of the film Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy.
- In all three parts of the trilogy Will Ferrell plays characters with the initials R.B.
- Will Ferrel's characters (Both Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby) know a lot about their profession, but not much about anything else.
- The climax scenes are always unusual and over-the-top.
- There is at least one key point that features a wild animal.
- They all make references to how much the characters like fondue and have bad foreign language skills.
- They are directed by Adam McKay.
- They are written by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.
- They feature a comical opening title card.
- They feature cameo roles by Adam McKay.
- They are produced by Judd Apatow.
- They feature David Koechner as a friend of Will Ferrell's character.
- They feature alternate lines and small blooper clips during the credits. They also show what appears to be a small deleted scene after the credits.

The Tale of Rusty Butte sounds kind of stupid, though this is just the rumored title....Will Ferrell was originally talking about how it would be cool to play an astronaut or something.
. . .huh. I never realized all of the parallels between Anchorman and Talledga Nights before. Then again, I've never really thought about it.

Still, Anchorman was LEAGUES better than TN, so I don't exactly have much hope for this third movie.
Will Ferrel annoys me. Anchorman was fun though.

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