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Mega Man Legends 3 Project Announced for the Nintendo 3DS
Some updates (thanks to the Nintedo 3DS Blog website):


"First, the good news: the Developer Room has yielded its first fruits, with the main heroine for Mega Man Legends 3 being chosen (shown above). But then there's the bad news: Keiji Inafune, the fellow who established the Mega Man brand is leaving Capcom with "the intention of starting [his] life over." But don't start freaking out too much, "Legends 3 is not canceled," according to Joveth Gonzalez of Capcom, "There were already producers and directors working on the title and they will continue to work on the game as planned. Same goes for the Street Fighter franchise." Still, it's hard to believe that this won't have a negative impact on these franchises. Let's hope it's minimal."

"Mega Man Legends 3 Dev Blog: Event #2"


Didn't get your heroine of choice from the first round of the devroom? Why not have another go by submitting an idea for a mecha for the Bonne family? This is the first chance you have at actually getting your name in the credits of Mega Man Legends 3. Check out the source link for details.

As about the voices:

Details regarding Mega Man Legends 3 are continuing to trickle out on to the interwebs, and producer Tatsuya Kitabayashi dropped a few little nuggets that fans of the series will explode with happiness over. There's a demand for the original voice cast to return to the series and Kitabayashi did say that he wants to "involve these voice actors in some way" but only left us with the promise of more details soon. The same goes for the storyline, but it's confirmed that MML3 is a continuation of the events in Mega Man Legends 2 and there's even the possibility that Capcom may have "episodes" (we don't know what this means just yet) written by fans of the series. Kitabayashi shares that the reason the game is coming to the 3DS and not home consoles is because the handheld "is fairly easy to develop for," but he chose not to shed light on what 3DS-exclusive features will be used. Check the source link for further details.
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I've been listening to Dr Wily's Stage 1 from Megaman 2 for days now. Can't get it out of my head.
Okay, so I'm just now looking at that bit Ice posted and I realized....... Isn't Inafune the guy who was working hard to get a new Darkstalkers greenlit?
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