Merry Christmas!

BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!!!! Dude you rock!!!!
Thanks. Did you see all the over covers. Just a little early present before the solicts pics finally come up. Captain Britain has the same kind of helmet as Captain America doesn't he?
Did you click next? There's heaps of different covers... Hobgoblin ones, Ult. FF ones and X-Men ones...
OMG!! These covers are crazy cool! I can't believe how awesome these covers are!!!

I'm having a geek orgasm!!

NICE. 8)

Thanks for the link. I should have these included with the solits listing tomorrow sometime.
The pictures aren't working for me!!! I would like to see what you all are talking about!!! Can anyone help me out?
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Very cool but it doesn't appear to me that Capt. Britain underwent any kind of change, costume-wise.

I can't wait to see the Hob-Goblin cover!!!
The Hobgoblin ones weren't that exciting just a picture of Harry with the Goblin's head.
ProjectX2 said:
The Hobgoblin ones weren't that exciting just a picture of Harry with the Goblin's head.

And the Goblin's head didn't even look particularly interesting.
No, the pic of Hobby was definitley not a mask. Just think Ultimate Green Goblin, but the same colour as 616 Hobgoblin's mask. And we still don't know that Harry's gonna be The Hobgoblin. The cover had Spider-Man looking down from the top, Hobgoblin looking up from the bottom, and Harry standing in the middle.

He probably will be The Hobgoblin, though...
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Hey those pics aren't working for me...... i really wana c them so if some one could send them to me???? please!!!!!!!! i really wana c HobGoblin!!!!!
Yeah, check out Comics Continuum if you haven't seen the solicitations! Although the Ultimate covers aren't something to goggle over, the others sure are!

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