Mike Wieringo passes away


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So, so sad. Unbelievable.

Mike Wieringo passes away


June 24th, 1963 - August 12th, 2007

Rest in Peace
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Very sad. My best to his family.

I've said many times that his work with Mark Waid on the first 2 arcs of Fantastic Four they did basically got me back into comics. I loved those stories and I enjoyed his style.

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His orginal story Tellos is awesome

And someone who updated a blog with a sketch per day as well as his regular work, is a spectacular feat.


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Sent by Warren Ellis via Bad Signal just a few minutes ago:

Warren Ellis


According to this, my friend Mike Wieringo died on Sunday
of a heart attack.

We were set to do a book together this year, something we've
been intending to do for a few years. Things had finally come t
ogether, and...

The first thing I said upon seeing this was "No."

I'm going to miss you, Mike. And so will everyone else.

-- Warren Ellis


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Yeah, me too. I just bought the FF hardcover, Vol. 1 in Chicago. I have the issues and the TPBs it covers but I'm a format whore, and it was a good price.


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From CBR's front:

Mark Waid said:
Updated 10:55 AM

CBR News spoke with long-time collaborator Mark Waid Monday morning, who was obviously shocked by the news. "Everything is moving in slow-motion this morning. I have never worked with anyone more talented than Mike, more on my exact creative wavelength, and likely never will. Mike was one of the very best friends I have ever had and without question one of the two best partners. Someone remind Barry Kitson to keep taking care of his health, because if he goes, there's really no point to me ever sitting down to a keyboard ever again."

Matt Haley said:
Updated 11:55 AM

Artist Matt Haley sent his thoughts on Wieringo to CBR Monday afternoon: "What do I say about my friend? I don't know how to deal with this, it's a case of 'I was just talking to him.' Mike and I came up through the comics ranks together, and we used to trade sketches of each others' childhood superhero characters. He genuinely loved drawing comics, and his absolute joy in creating shone in books like 'Tellos,' where I used to call him and beg him to do a children's book because of the charm and wit he infused his animal characters with. I could go on and on about how he was a master of the artform blah blah, but none of that matters. He loved to draw, and now he's gone. And it makes me want to draw twice as hard to remember and honor him.

"I miss my friend." -- Matt Haley
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This is so very sad and upsetting. The guy was 44, a vegetarian, and in great shape, and all of a sudden a heart attack? That's terrible; he was such a great artist, one of my favorites, to be honest.

I'm still in shock over all of this. :cry: :cry:


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Wow. This is truly very sad. I really wished I owned more of his stuff- as it is, I only own the first two arcs of his and Mark Waid's run on Fantastic Four. Still, what I do have is truly amazing, and I know the comics industry has lost a great man and a great artist. My condolences to his family and to his friends.

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A true shame. He was a real breath of fresh air to many books, and I feel his style was very reflective of his personality and outlook on life.

Godspeed 'Ringo.


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...this sucks...

What's really ****ed up, he'd reviewed my art and gave me a bunch of pointers over on DevArt.

...this really ****ing sucks....


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Very, very sad. :(

I enjoyed what I read of his work on Fantastic Four (I think by now I have about five or six copies of that 9 cent first issue). He was a great artist.


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Oh god.

I've never been a mad fan of Mike's but it's people like him who had a reputation for rigorously hard work and reliability that command my respect in an industry filled with prima donnas and 'when it's done' attitudes.

A total loss to the industry.

Also, a 44-year old vegetarian gets a heart attack? There's no justice when it comes to age and healthy living.

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