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Jul 24, 2004
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...And he's getting to do his Blade story (the way he wanted to do it), too!

Mark Millar said:
God, I'm having a good time right now. Stay tuned for where this is going to appear. Also, I finally get to write Blade and write him just the way I wanted. I can't stay where this story appears, but you'll hear about it soon enough.


PS Frank is the most fun character to write EVER.
...And he's getting to do his Blade story (the way he wanted to do it), too!

I imagine he's writing blade into Old Man Logan

he's one of those characters that are immortal enough to still be alive, and he's enough of a fringe character that i wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't there when the heroes fell

Is he doing MAX or is this a mini?
It's definitely not Max, or at least, if it is, it won't be until sometime in 2009 as we already have writers taking up issues 61-70 something.

But as he said, he's not telling where he's writing him in, so there's no clue if it's a mini or what.
I presume they'll both be in Old Man Logan, or perhaps in the other Marvel comic he's mentioned he'd be doing near the end of the year.

And I liked Castle in Civil War. The scene where he blew away those villains was perfect.

I'm sure it will be grotesque and shocking just for the sake of being grotesque and shocking.

Garth Ennis does that great. Mark Millar, not as much.
Not too excited about this one.

Millar does great at capturing the essence of the characters. Not so much with the dialogue.
"For God's sake, Frank, are you out of your mind?"

"To be perfectly honest, nothing has ever fit so perfectly into my character brand before. Clearly you hadn't seen how unhappy I was when my book was being edited by that fat man who's face looks like bulldog's hindquarters."
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