Miller's Ronin & Ellis' Ocean as movies?


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Jul 24, 2004
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From Newsarma:

At the producer press conference for the film version of Frank Miller's 300 that was held today, Producer Gianni Nunnari, was asked what other comic projects he would like to turn into films. Nunnari stated that he is working on Frank Miller's Ronin and Warren Ellis' Ocean.

One of Miller's perhaps lesser-known works, Ronin was a six issue miniseries published between 1983 and '84 (after his initial run on Daredevil, and before "Born Again") by DC, and has been collected in several printings since. The story spans centuries, starting in feudal Japan where a young ronin sought to avenge his former master who was slain by a demon. The ronin was successful, but was trapped in a curse the demon uttered with its dying breath that linked the two.

Centuries later, in a New York overrun by the bio-engineered Aquarius Complex, a boy begins to have dreams about an ancient ronin warrior, and the complex is invaded by an unstoppable terror – the two enemies live again.

For years, Darren Aronofsky had been attached to bringing the project to film.

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Hasn't there been movies with the same name that aren't re-makes?

Yes, but Ronin was a fairly popular movie and it came out within the last 10 years. It'd be a bad marketing move to give it the exact same name. Even just adding "The" or something would be smarter.

Edit: Although I guess the fact that it will inevitably have "Frank Miller's" in front of it is something.
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I'll bet you dunkins to doughnuts that RIGHT now, Ellis is talking about how Ocean movie is never going to happen.

I was actually really bothered the last time he said something to the effect of "my comics are too unconventional to be adapted into films". It's true they are 'unconventional', but I doubt it's impossible to adapt anything into film and still remain true to the source. Ellis saying otherwise is the height of sheer hubris.
Ocean would be an interesting movie... I don't think it would be very successful at all though.
Ocean would be an awesome movie. It was a seriously creepy comic.

I just think it would turn into another black cop in the future dealing with some kind of intelligent threat type thing.
Ellis has commented that the Ocean movie is a no.
It's on his blog somewhere. The link can be found via Bad Signal.
Found it. Posting it here for anyone else interested in reading it:
Warren Ellis said:
In regard to this news story forwarded me just now by Jonah Weiland, concerning a producer named Gianni Nunnari apparently publicly stating he's working on bringing OCEAN, a graphic novel by myself and Chris Sprouse, to film: no. I imagine Mr Nunnari was misheard, or misspoke and will correct himself shortly. No film company has ever attempted to purchase the media rights to OCEAN, which are owned by Chris and myself.

I'm covering this now not only because Jonah just surprised the **** out of me, but also because I don't want to be dealing with a ****load of questions in email. There is no OCEAN movie. You may return to your duties now. England Prevails.

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