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Jul 24, 2004
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So I joined up with Sony Pictures newsletters, and I just got an e-mail talking about a new movie coming out in on Sept. 30th. As you can see, it's called "Mirror Mask".

The trailer can be seen here at YAHOO! Movies. The movie comes the Jim Henson Company, who also created THE DARK CRYSTAL and LABYRYNTH.

But here's the best part. Neil Gaiman (1602, Sandman) wrote the script! The trailer looks cool, and I bet the movie will end up being good, if decent at the least. Neil Gaiman is an excellent writer, so I doubt this movie will be bad.
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You got me! I thought this was going to be another puppet movie when you mentioned Henson, but it doesn't look to be that way. ;) Shoot, that would've been cool.
Gaiman not only wrote the script, he also wrote the book it's based on. It's also awesome to know that Gaiman's frequent partner Dave McKean worked closely with the filmmakers to realize his visual designs.

I find it interesting that although Sony Picture Classics is distributing this for a limited release in the US, Mirrormask's development was funded mostly outside of the traditional big studio system. For all intents and purposes, its an independent British production.

But yeah Dark Crystal is awesome. And so is Labyrinth and David Bowie's crotch.

Incidentally, if anyone's like me and LOVES saving those trailers to harddrive, you can get it here at: http://mp3content02.bcst.yahoo.com/b02r01/005/yahoomovies/2/15843964.mov
You guys hadn't heard about this yet? It's Muppets and Gaimen, so I'm all over it.

If you're intrested you can find an "Illustrated Scriptbook" in bookstore now. I haven't picked it up yet, but its on my list.
I've been following this since it was announced last year sometime. The trailer is quite simply sublime, it looks frankly beautiful, with little twists of Dali thrown in. Sure, it could be very shallow, but when it's that beautiful...... who cares?
From the SDCC news from Newsarama:

The Jim Henson Company has partnered with TOKYOPOP Inc., the #1 publisher of manga in the U.S., in an exclusive manga publishing deal to bring three of its fantasy titles to fans. Most notable among them is MirrorMask, the feature film from Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman due for release on September 30th of this year. TOKYOPOP's MirrorMask prequel manga will be plotted by Gaiman, the award-winning writer of the highly successful Sandman comics as well as the novels Good Omens and Coraline. Also included in the deal will be all-new original graphic novel series for the immensely popular properties The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

The MirrorMask prequel will tell the story of the princess' escape from the Dark Palace and how she came to acquire the MirrorMask.

TOKYOPOP also plans to release a sequel manga to Labyrinth, which first hit the big screen in 1986, remained a fan favorite over the years and also served as an inspiration for MirrorMask. Its manga version will follow 13-year-old Toby as he journeys back to the Labyrinth to assume his role as the heir to the Goblin Kingdom. Manga writer Jake Forbes will write this series.

The final title will be a prequel to 1982's The Dark Crystal, the classic tale of good versus evil that broke ground as the first fully animatronic feature. Henson also recently announced that it is in preproduction on a sequel theatrical film of this cult classic.

Gaiman said, "As soon as I heard that Henson wanted to do manga versions of Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, I immediately wanted to include MirrorMask as well. Having the leader of manga handle all three titles seems like the perfect way to present them to readers around the world."

"TOKYOPOP has consistently had innovative publishing and entertainment programs," said Michael Polis, Senior Vice President of Marketing for The Jim Henson Company. "Knowing the devoted followers these different titles have had over the years, we are thrilled to more fully explore these much-loved worlds with all-new manga series."

"The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth movies are so loved and iconic, and I have no doubt that MirrorMask will achieve the same status -- so it's a joy for me and for TOKYOPOP to be able to work with The Jim Henson Company and Neil Gaiman on these great titles," said TOKYOPOP editor Rob Valois.
I bought this and just watched it. It was so fantastic I can't express it in words.

I picked it up due to Gailman. I loved his Death and 1602 comics.

The images were beautiful, creepy, stunning. and very odd. The music felt the story perfecty.

The plot follows the story stuck in a world she drew of light and shadow. The movie is one hell of a trip. There are some very funny moments. The characters all are fantastic. The main character is one of those cute jail-bate chicks. :innocent:

I highly suggest this to anyone. I loved it.


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