MMO games.


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Aug 16, 2005
This thread is to talk about any you play and recommend (NOT Wow or COH or anyother that have their own thread) Due to there been so many free ones around now I thought I would give this one a try

Currently in open beta but looks like it could be fun , It's downloading as I type. After I install it I'll post which server ecttt for any who wish to play it so we can all play together
I used to play these when they were all text games. I have no desire or ability to do anything like it now, however.

Practise Joe , Download it and play and you'll learn to be better.
The only one I really care about playing is the Marvel one for the 360 once it comes out.

That ironically is why I'm looking at others , to get use to playing them again ready for marvel universe.
I play Tibia occasionally. Normally goes in cycles.

I also tried Runescape and various other 3d ones, but they are unfulfilling and don't love me like Tibia does.

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