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Aug 16, 2005
I'm shocked this doesn't have a thread I swear it did. But this came out here today and it's been great. I've been playing it most of the day. The story mode is funny but I thought it'd be cool if posted their mods here.

My Kart


(if you can't read it licence plate is M0L3)
WOO HOOO! MY SACKBOY CODE JUST ARRIVED! For those who don't apparently in usa if you bought this new you got Sackboy. Europe on the other hand, the only way to get it was in 3 steps :

Step 1) Either have bought LBP dlc or Had Modnation Beta. (I did both :D )

Step 2) have account setting to allow sony to e-mail you.

Step 3) Enter code they Email you.

Simple. I have been checking email regularly since they said the codes were coming out. Mine just arrived :D

Here is picture of Sackboy and his cardboard kart :

That is from email with code. I was set to copy email picture and cross off code and post BUT the picture = in parts so I got the only part I was showing. :D Sackboy = Awesomeness
today I decided to make 2 comic characters. Here they are :

first Green Goblin (He's okay could be better)

Second Thor , this one I really do like as long hair didn't work with helmet so I had to build it in pieces

(note pictures brightness turned up as when you take a photo like the ones i posted earlier it's darker.)
Green Goblin looks like a tranny gangster. Thor looks comically appropriate...although i would do something about that hairlip. Also I'll be getting this game soon enough. finally won't be taking that friend add for granted anymore, mole.
Thor looks comically appropriate...although i would do something about that hairlip.

Thank you :) I can't do much about hair as long hair poked through the helmet at the top ect... The only way to give him hair was to copy a small extra piece of hair in a X shape over and over to give the illusion of hair. BUT I used maximum amount I could. So I'm not sure I can get it better.

Green Goblin looks like a tranny gangster


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