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Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Aug 16, 2005

A new take on an old classic by Mole!

Arc 1 - Discovery

Vol 1

Gotham city was quiet. Too quiet for one man. Bruce Wayne better known as The Dark Knight himself Batman , Patrols the city's roof tops looking for danger. Something wasn't right. Usually there would be some kind of villain to stop but tonight there was none.

"Batman , I have some news to report. I don't know why but it looks like Luthor's men are here in Gotham. They are digging directly under the Museum." A female voice spoke to Batman over the speaker in his ear piece.

The voice belonged to Barbara Gordon. Batman's sidekick known as Batgirl. Batman listened to the voice and quickly pressed a button on his utility belt. The button called for the Batmobile. The long sleek , black car zoomed towards his location.

"I'm on my way." Batman's deep voice replied as he jumped down from the rooftop. His cape opened up making him glide down safely landing in the batmobile. The roof of the Batmobile closed after he was firmly in his seat.

Batman reached inside the glove compartment in the Batmobile. Inside he pulled out a small cellphone. He pressed one of the buttons on the phone and waited for it to be answered.

"Hello." A voice answered.

"Hello Clark. We have a situation here I think you will be interested in." Batman informed his friend and sometimes Teammate Clark Kent , Also known as The Man of Steel , Superman.

"What kind of situation?" Clark asked. He knew Batman would only contact him if it was either a huge danger or something that involved him.

"Luthor's men are here digging something up. I'm on my way now to investigate but we both know if Luthor is involved it has to have something to do with you." Batman told him as he drove his Batmobile to the museum.

"I'm coming." Clark replied as he hung up the phone. He was going to turn into Superman and fly towards the scene.

"I bet he beats me there." Batman smirked to himself as he turned the corner. He was close the scene.

"What's taking him so long." Batgirl thought to herself. She wanted to run straight in to stop them but she knew Batman told her to wait for him before acting in a situation like this. A few minutes after a red streak of light went past her before stopping in front of her.

The blue tights , the red boots , The red underwear , the red cape with a golden logo with an S in the middle. She knew it could only be one man. "Superman!" She said in shock. She was not expecting him to show up.

"Hello Barbara. Where's Bruce?" He asked her. She blushed a little under her mask that he knew her name. After all it was Superman. Every woman's dream man.

"He's on his way." She smiled back at him.

"YES! Beat him here." Superman thought to himself. He knew it would annoy Batman. He heard a car coming in the distance with his Super-hearing. He knew it could only be the Batmobile at that speed.

He was right. The Batmobile turned the corner of the street with great speed. Heading straight towards them. Fire flew out of the rocket type engine on the back. It came to a stop right in front of them. The lid pulled backwards exposing the inside.

"What took you so long?" Superman smirked a little at Batman as he stepped out the car. Under the mask Batman had an annoyed look on his face. He knew superman was trying to get to him. The fact was they were always like that. Always trying to annoy the other. It was one of the things that made their friendship.

"Let's move." Batman replied as he started heading towards the hole in the floor. The hole was deep one going down further than the eye could see. They had been busy. The LexCorp van parked outside confirmed it was Lex Luthor.

"You need a lift down Batgirl? You too Barbara." Superman laughed.

"Hang on , I'm going to get my Kryptonite ring." Batman replied looking at Superman.

"Ok , knock it off you two." Batgirl laughed as she took a hold of Superman's arm.

"He started it." Batman said under his breath as he grabbed on to Superman's other arm. He would have glided down but they didn't know how deep it was or what they would be landing on or in when they got to the bottom.

Superman flew them down the tunnel. He didn't go too fast just in case they couldn't handle it. They didn't have any powers after all. But what ever was down there they had to find it out fast so he was still going pretty fast.

When they reached the bottom they saw five men chipping the last rock off what looked like a glass chamber. The chamber was fogged up so they couldn't see what was on the inside. The men turned around and saw the trio standing before them.

"No , You won't ruin this for us." One of the men said pulling out a gun. He fired the gun multiple times. Superman moved in front of the bullets that shot out of the gun. They bounced off his chest as if it was nothing.

Superman moved forward and grabbed the man by his chest. "What is Lex after down here?" Superman asked lifting the man in the air. Another of the man pulled out a gun. Batman spotted it and quickly pulled out a batarang.

He threw it hard and fast. The bat-shaped weapon flew through the air and hit the thug in the head knocking him out. The man Superman had hold of looked scared. "Please let me go." He begged.
"Then just tell us what Lex wants." Superman told him.

"Lex didn't send us. It was his niece Linda Luthor. She's just moved to Viceroy running LexCorp's South Carolina division. She sent us here for the chamber. I don't know anything else." The man told them.

"Great another Luthor." Superman said throwing the man across the room. The man hit wall and lay on the floor unconscious.

Superman turned around to see Batman and Batgirl had taken care of the other thugs. They had tied them up together in the middle of the room the men had dug. All three heroes turned to look at the chamber.

"What's inside?" Batgirl asked as she walked forward. She looked at the chamber and wiped her hand over the glass. The condensation wiped away. Inside they could see a blonde haired girl. She was completely naked and unconscious.

"Should we get her out of there?" Batgirl asked no knowing if the woman was friend or foe.

"Open it." Superman told her. Looking at the chamber. Batgirl flipped the latch on the side opening the door. The door opened slowly. Fog ran out of the chamber covering the floor. The girl inside's eyes opened up.

"Kal-El." She gasped with her first breath. She lifted her leg and stepped out of the chamber. Her bare feet touching the cold floor. She however did not notice the cold as she stood in front of the trio of heroes.

"Where is Kal-El?" She asked them. Her long blonde hair covered her face just a little as she looked on. Her face showed she was disoriented. Almost like she had no idea where she is.

"Kal-El …. That's my Kryptonian name. How do you know that." Superman asked looking at the girl. His face was a look of shock.

"You've grown. My name is Kara Zor-El. I come from you're home world of Krypton. The city I lived Argo City survived our planets destruction but not for long. My father Zor-El new our end was at hand,

He heard that his bother Jor-El had sent his baby to the planet earth. He sent me. In this suspended animation chamber to stop me from aging. I was sent only three days after you were. As Argo City was dying. " She told him.

"That makes you my cousin." Superman smiled. He was relived to finally have someone else like him in the world.

"You're just going to trust her? Linda Luthor is a Luthor. I'm sure the last thing she would want is to unleash another one of you on the world." Batman said looking at his friend.

"Trust me, I can tell. I don't know how but It feels like I was meant to find her." Superman told him.

"Dose everyone on this planet dress in such odd fashion as the three of you." Kara asked looking at Batman , Batgirl and Superman.

"No, These are costumes so we can protect people without anyone knowing who we are. For me it means I can use my powers freely. For Batman it helps him fight injustice and become a symbol here in Gotham." Superman explained.

"Powers?" She asked with a strange look on her face.

"I'll teach you about them. You should have them too. I'll take you to the Fortress of Solitude. I'll train you so you get use to your powers. We'll also need to get you an alias. Mine on this world is Clark Kent. " Superman smiled offering her , his hand.

"I like my name." Kara pouted at the idea of having to changer her name.

"I have an Idea. How about Supergirl as her hero name. As her secret identity ….. Kara Kent. That way she can keep her Kara name but she can be related to you if she needs to visit Metropolis." Batgirl suggested.

"I like it." Kara smiled at Batgirl. And so in that moment the girl of steel , Supergirl is born.

"Visit Metropolis? Why wouldn't she live there with me." Superman asked. He really wanted to get to know his new found cousin. After all if she could remember Krypton she could teach him about his home world.

"Because another Kent shows up the same time as Supergirl. How long would it be before someone put two and two together and found out you are not just a mild mannered reporter? Also if I can make a suggestion.

We have Gotham covered. You are the protector of Metropolis. If Viceroy has a new Luthor who today as proven they want to be a major play like Uncle Lex why not send Supergirl to Viceroy?" Batman suggested.

"You're right. I'll train her then in a year she can join a college there to help her get a job." Superman smiled looking down at his older cousin who thanks to a suspended animation chamber was younger than him.

Viceroy , South Carolina was about to get a new protector in the name of Supergirl ………

Vol 2.

One year later, Viceroy college. A young brunette walked up the information desk. She was dressed in a loose fitting pink t-shirt, Baggy blue jeans and a pair of white nike trainers. The woman behind the desk seemed to be ignoring her.

"Excuse me." The brunette said quietly trying to get the woman's attention.

"Yeah, What do you want?" The woman rudely replied. The brunette figured it must be because she has been dealing with college students all day. After all it was the start of a new year. She knew other kids would have beaten her there as she was running late.

"I'm here to sign in. Sorry I'm running a bit late I had a family emergency earlier." The brunette replied. She smiled at the woman. A smile that let the woman know she was nervous but also exited about joining the college.

"Name?" The woman asked pulling up the list of students who had registered with the college.

"Kara , Kara Kent." The brunette replied. It was Kara Kent , She was wearing a brunette wig to hide who she really was. She was no ordinary college student. She was Supergirl. The new protector of Viceroy.

"Ahhh yes here you are. You are in Dorm AC , room 252….. Jack could you show Miss Kent to her room." The woman asked looking at a boy in the waiting room. The boy was dressed in a brown leather jacket, Under it he had a black t-shirt. He was also wearing a pair of black jeans that seemed to have paint of them and a pair of black boots.

"Sure, No problem." Jack smiled as he stood up and walked over to Kara. Jack's hair was shoulder length. It framed his face well and highlighted the fact his deep green eyes were locked on to her big blue eyes.

A smile formed on his face as he looked her. The stubble on his face highlighted his smile as he looked at her. She smiled back a little at him. She couldn't help for think he looked very attractive. Her cousin Clark had dated and even married a human girl so she knew she could date humans too and Jack had caught her eye.

"This way …. I'm sorry I didn't catch your name. I'm Jack by the way. Jack Jones." He smiled offering her his hand for a handshake.

"I'm Kenra …. I mean Kara, Kara Kent." She stammered back nervously.

"Kara, Pretty name. Follow me I'll take you to your room. Need a hand with your bags?" Jack said looking at her luggage. She had four suitcases filled with clothes.

"I…Sure that would be great." She replied. She remembered she was in disguise and Clark had told her she can't use her powers unless she has too. It was a little annoying for her to pretend she was a weak little girl but she knew she had to.

Jack bent over and took a hold of her suitcases. He lifted them up and signalled for her to follow him. She smiled and walked beside him. The college seemed so different to anything she had experienced on Krypton. It was so overwhelming to her.

"Don't worry, I was in your place last year when I joined. It's easy to get lost. But once you get used to it, it seems like home." Jack told her. She smiled as he spoke.

"Thanks." She responded with a smile. She couldn't explain it, But deep down inside she felt something she had not felt before. She felt the feeling of butterflies in her stomach. She felt a calm happy feeling washing over her. It was love and she had fallen at first sight.

Not too far from Viceroy college loomed a tall tower over looking the city. The tower was the LexCorp, South Carolina office. At the top of the tower was the office of one Linda Luthor. A business woman to the public but in private a ruthless cold hearted criminal, A woman who would crush anyone in her way without a second thought.

"Miss Luthor, I thought you would be happy to know that Acesulphonic Z has been shipped to the college." Thomas , Linda's assistant informed his boss. He stood in her office facing the back of her leather chair.

"Good, The rave the students will be having tonight will serve me well." Linda spoke turning around her chair to face her assistant. She was wearing a powerful looking suit that showed she meant business but revealed just enough to get men hot the collar.

"Miss Luthor, Don't you think Acesulphonic Z is going too far? They are just college students." Thomas questioned her. He never questioned his boss but he felt strongly about this.

"Thomas, That is why I am using them. What do people do in college? They experiment. Sexually and with the use of narcotics , Alcohol and other such substances. Acesulphonic Z is the perfect drug.

It has all of the pros of LSD but it has none of the cons and is only a fraction of price. Best of all. I'm the only one who controls it." She smirked evilly at him. Giving him a look that worried him. He knew she was evil but not this evil.

"It does have a side effect though. They stop taking it for a long period of time and it'll kill them. " Thomas hesitated before he replied that. He was trying desperately to appeal to her conscience.

"I know. You see Thomas, Acesulphonic Z will also give them powers similar to that of Superman. Now imagine an army of Supermen all willing slaves to who ever controls their drugs. In this case me. I would be able to overthrow my Uncle and take control of the company myself."She laughed before standing up and walking over to him.

She slipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out a handgun. Thomas's face has look of shock on him as she pointed at his leg and pulled the trigger. The bullet shot out of the gun and passed straight through his knee.

He instantly fell to the floor in pain. He scream as he held his leg. He could see blood pouring from his knee where he had been shot. Linda smirked as she looked down at him. She looked down at her shoes and saw a drop of blood had landed on them.

She walked over to her assistant and bent down next him. She pressed up against his back and curled her lip teasingly as she whispered. "And next time you question me. I'll kill you but not before I kill that wife and daughter of your's and make you watch. Got it?" She threatened. Her voice was almost seductive as if she was mocking him more.

She stood up and walked towards her office door. "One more thing. You've gotten blood on my shoes and on the carpet. It will come out of your pay." She told him as she shut the door behind her and left him in there.

She had proven to Thomas how cold and ruthless she could be. It scared him to his very core to know that he willing works for someone like that. From what she had said his wife and kid were in danger now if he messed up again. The feeling that he might be responsible for his family's death was worse than the pain in his leg. But the leg still hurt like hell.

Back at the college and they had made it to Dorm AC , room 252. They stopped out side the door. Jack placed the bags on the floor and looked in to her deep blue eyes. With out saying a word they both knew how the other one felt. The question now was would either of them be brave enough to do anything about it.

"I guess I should be going inside ….. Will I see you around?" Kara asked sweetly. Her hopes raised in hopes that she would indeed see him again.

"Count on it. In fact I looked at your schedule, We have art class together later." Jack smiled back at her. Before turning and walking away. Kara was no face to face with the door. She took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

"It's open." a female voice replied from inside. Kara turned the handle and pushed the door open slowly.

"Hi, I'm Kara. I guess we are roommates." She said as she walked inside.

"Guess so, The names Zoe." The girl inside answered. Zoe was dressed in a red sleeveless t-shirt, A pair of blue jeans and white pair of flip-flops. Her hair was shoulder length but was spiked a bit at the sides with red and purple highlights running though it.

Kara grabbed her bags and walked inside. Zoe looked at her and couldn't hold back a small chuckle at the brunette girl struggling with the suitcases. She decided to help her out and walked over grabbing a bag.

Kara knew she could lift them but did not wish to expose herself. So fall intensive purposes she was just a typical college girl. Zoe smiled as she took the bags. She had a feeling Kara and her would become close friends. Something she did not have at the college.

"Thanks." Kara said as she walked behind Zoe.

"Don't mention it. I'm glad to have a normal roommate you know. I was expecting some little peppy rich girl with an I'm better than you attitude. But you seem normal." Zoe laughed.

"Yeah, Seem." Kara whispered under her breath.

"What was that?" Zoe asked looking back at her.

"Oh, Nothing."Kara laughed.

"So. How are you finding Viceroy?" Zoe asked as she placed her bags onto Kara's bed.

"Seems nice so far….. What do you know about Jack Jones?" Kara asked thinking of the guy who helped her.

"The art guy? Not much. He's very secretive. Though I can't imagine he's happy at the moment." Zoe explained sitting on her bed.
"Oh? What makes you say that?" Kara said wondering.

"He loves his art. All he wants to be is an artist and he's very good but the college is cutting the budget on art class this year." Zoe mentioned as he put her feet up on the bed and lay down.

"He is cute though." Kara smiled.

"Oh god. The first day and you've already turned it to love sick puppy." Zoe said sticking her fingers in her mouth making a sick sound mockingly.

"Oh, mock the new girl." Kara laughed as she laughed she could the sound of someone screaming for help in the distance.

"I have to go. I'll be right back. My phone just went." Kara lied quickly leaving her. She was out in the hallway and noticed no one was around and no cameras. She quickly took off her clothes. Under her clothes she wore her supergirl outfit.

Her costume was made up of a pair of red boots, a short blue shirt, a red cape and a short white shirt that left her belly exposed. On the white t-shirt was a red S on a yellow background that was surrounded by a red diamond shaped pentagon . The symbol was based on her cousin's Superman logo but slightly different S inside.

"Oh I almost forgot." She said removing a brunette wig, exposing her long blonde hair. She grabbed her clothes, shoes and wig and popped out a ceiling tile outside her room to hide them. With her clothes hid and her transformation that happened in a flash thanks to super speed, She was able to fly down the hallway with incredible speed.

Whoever it was who was in danger they needn't fear. Viceroy was about to introduced to the stunning blonde herself,The girl of steel , Supergirl!

Chapter 3

"Miss Luthor, There has been an interesting development near the college." A man's voice spoke over a hand-free phone in the back of Linda Luthor's limo.

"Oh? What type of development?" She asked sipping on a glass of champagne. She was smirking thinking about the Acesulphonic Z plot.

"Someone was spotted stopping an armed robbery near by. They flew in and they were bullet proof." The man started to speak.

"Superman! Here? Isn't he supposed to be annoying good old Uncle Lex in Metropolis?" She asked angrily.

"That's the strange part. It was a girl. She had his powers and even a red cape and S on her chest. Superman according to the news is in a fight right now with Solomon Grundy. So it appears Viceroy has it's own protector a Super girl." The man informed her. His voice sounded nervous.

"A super girl? Well isn't this interesting. Looks like I have a nemesis. I guess you're not really a Luthor unless there is someone in a cape messing things up. Keep an eye on her. If she interferes with my plans, I'll destroy her." Linda chuckled to herself as she sipped on her drink.

She had never understood why her uncle Lex found it so hard to destroy superman and thought this supergirl could be exactly what she needed to overthrow her uncle and take control of the Luthor empire. If she destroys her that is.

Back at the college the two roommates were sat down playing on Zoe's Wii. They were laughing and enjoying themselves. Kara only an hour ago had moved in and stopped an armed robbery as Supergirl now she was just enjoying been the roommate

"I think we need to stop. " Zoe laughed as she turned of the console off.

"Aww why?" Kara asked as she was really having fun.

"Well, I have to go to Mr Peters's Psychology class. And you have to get ready. I'm sure you'll be trying on clothes and doing your hair for art class or should I say for Jack." She winked with a smile.

"Well what do I wear? …… and what's wrong with my hair?" She asked patting her hair.

"Nothing is wrong with your hair but you might want to tie it back. You clothes however. You want something that makes you look great but something you don't care about messing up. It is art after all. That's also why you tie your hair back, Paint, clay and stuff is a ***** to get out of your hair." Zoe laughed walking over to Kara's wardrobe.

"Oh, Can you help?" Kara asked.

"Sure. My class is not that far. I was just stopping outside for a smoke anyway," She said looking over the closest. She moved her hand through the clothes inside.

"No, no , no this is all wrong. I know you can borrow something from me." Zoe told her walking over to her wardrobe. She flicked through he clothes looking over every choice. Kara smiled thinking this was really nice of her.

"Here you go, Yeah this should do nicely." Zoe smiled pulling out a light purple tank top that was designed to show off the belly area. She then flicked though her clothes and pulled out a pair of tight black jeans. She handed them to Kara and then started to look through her shoes.

"Wow, Thanks Zoe these look great." Kara smiled as she took the clothes from her roommate.

"Here we go, Perfect." Zoe spoke again this time handing her a pair of black high heeled sandals she had at the bottom of her wardrobe. Kara took them and thanked Zoe once more.

"Well I got to go. I'll catch you later Kara….. Oh remember, Tie your hair back." She told her as she ran out of the room to go to her Psychology class.

"Uh-oh." Kara said as she thought. "If I wear this I wouldn't be able to have my costume on underneath. " She thought to herself. She didn't know what to do. If she left the clothes it could offend Zoe. If she took them she risked not been able to turn into Supergirl when she needed to. Then she thought for a second and knew exactly what to do.

Kara placed the clothes on her bed and slowly lifted up the phone she dialled knowing that she had to ask for advice from the one person she felt she could. The phone started to ring as she waited patiently for it to be answered.

"Hello, Wayne residence, How may I be of service." An old English man's voice spoke.

"Hi Alfred it's me Kara. Any chance Barbara is there?" Kara asked sweetly to Alfred, Bruce Wayne's Butler.

"Hey, Kara what's up? You got lucky I was only over here to drop off a Birthday present for Dick." Barbara Gordon also known as Batgirl spoke answering the phone.

"Oh, I thought you lived there. Oh and tell Dick I say happy birthday. He's Robin right?" Kara spoke laying back on her bed.

"No, I have my own apartment. I'll give you my number if you like and my cellphone number." Barbara told her putting the phone down for a second to go and get her cellphone number.

The two friends chatted away on the phone until her class. They had become really good friends in the time from when they found her to the time she came to Viceroy. In fact if you asked eith girl who their best friend was they would say the other one.

As the girls talked over the phone a van outside the college was unloading boxes. These were no ordinary boxes. Each box contained the drug Acesulphonic Z. They were storing it inside the basement ready for the rave that very night.

There must have been at least twenty boxes filled with the drugs. It was enough there to be used by every college student three times. The person holding the rave had no idea what the drugs would do. He just assumed it was like normal drugs but he was very, very wrong.

"Thanks Barbara you are a lifesaver. I never would have come up with that but I have to go. I got art class. I'll phone you tonight." Kara spoke on the phone hanging up. She held in her hands her Supergirl costume.

She wrapped it around in to a ball and placed inside a plastic bag. She then took the plastic bag and stuck it inside her book bag as advised by her best friend Barbara. If there was one thing Barbara knew it was how to juggle college and been a costumed hero. She was after all in Gotham College and Batgirl.

As Zoe had told her she grabbed a bobble and adjusted her brunette wig in to a ponytail to show off her face. She looked in the mirror and thought to herself "I do look good." She smiled at the thought before grabbing her book bag and heading to art class.

As she walked down the halls her thoughts drifted to Jack. She could still his handsome shoulder length hair, His deep green eyes and of course his stubble covered devilish grin that just made her melt at the sight of it.
She walked in to her art class and saw that there was an empty seat next to Jack. She instantly knew where she was going to sit. She walked over to Jack her eyes locked on to his. It was a moment that felt like everything was slowing down until she reached her seat.

"Hi again." Jack smiled as he looked at her. He thought she looked amazing but was not ready to say it yet, From fear that maybe she wouldn't feel the same way about him.

"Hi." Smiled back. She just wished he would comment on how good she looked or how pretty she smelled. But he wasn't. She didn't know if he didn't notice she had made an effort or if he was in fact not interested in her like that.

The teacher quickly walked in. The class was about to begin. This was not only her first time sitting next Jack, Her first time doing art but it was her first class on earth. She was curious how it would differ from that of her Kryptonian schools.

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