Moments that made you who you are


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Oct 23, 2005
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I think this could be a pretty good topic. Can you remember any specifc moments that ended up shaping your entire personality? Made you decide what you wanted to do with your life, do for a living, your outlook on politics, that you were in love with somebody? A part of a book or movie that radically changed how you view the world, a story that made its genre become a staple of your life, a work of art that made you become obsessed with a certain aesthetic? Etc? I'm game if you are. Share.
I punched a guy in the throat once.

He was OK, but I really thought I killed him for a minute there. I suspect it's why I'm so slow to get involved with conflict.

...oh ****, I started off the topic badly.
I've had a few noticeable moments that made me the woman I am today.

My uncle introducing me to comic books when I was 6.

My dad's suicide.

My first really, steady girlfriend's death.

My mom's support of my dreams and goals in life, and her continued support when I came out.

My near death experience in '05.
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Breaking my thumb during wrestling practice in ninth grade.

I think this one event set in motion the gears of change that has completely shaped my life.

Because I couldn't wrestle, I joined the school musical for something to do. I got hooked. I met a girl there. I joined Drama classes. The girl was there. I joined a show choir because of the musical. This got me hooked to join the band. The same girl was in band.

I met my closest high school friends in the musical. We continued to do plays as a group until we graduated. The drama girl and I started going out in band. I went to Miami University with some drama friends for Early Childhood Education. My drama girl moved to Michigan.

Hated Early Education, drama girl pointed out Disney College Program. We both went. Got hooked into Disney. Got engaged. Got home and changed my major. Wasn't satisfied. Changed schools to Kent State University.

Cheaper school let me buy more movies. Bought X-Men 3 and got a free CD of Ultimate X-Men comics. Started a Recreation, Park, Tourism Management Program. Fiance (and her family) got me 15 Ultimate TPBs for Christmas. Got into event planning/wedding planning. Picked up an Event Planning concentration.

Got married, bought a puppy, and moved to Disney. Steady job allowed for more money to finish buying Ultimate TPB's. Wife promised to read entire Ultimate line of comics for birthday. Got hooked into Scuba on honeymoon. Got Scuba lessons for Christmas. Graduated for college, got Scuba certified.

I'd be a whole different person if I never broke my thumb.
I now have only one question:

Did you dress up as Captain America and her as Wonder Woman for the wedding? :D

I'll post when I can decide between the time I stopped seeing a dear friend because she lied to me about her sexuality, and how my severe dyslexia affected my desire for creative writing.
*sorry limited time only, not sure I should have tipped that hand*

I grew a bit of a spine after that

It was completley called for by the way, i'm not crazy
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One of mine is reading one of the more expository sections of 1984 in the school library in 11th grade. I think I skipped a period to be there, but I walked out of the library a different person, which I still am. That was maybe the defining moment in shaping my view of history, loyalty, passion, hatred, reality.... everything. If I have "grown up" yet, that was when it happened.

Another was this time, and this one's kind of bizarre, I went through a photo album of my family's life from when I was conceived to when I was nearly three. Something changed. The happiness and innocence in it got to me. I was maybe 10 or 11 when this happened. Up until that time I think I was considerably more.... evil? than I am now. I often desired for the bad guys to kill the protagonists in whatever action shows or Bond movies I watched. If I was watching little kid's shows, I would imagine them being derailed by violence, making the characters cry, stuff like this scene. I don't know why. The album triggered me to become the exact opposite of that. I am one of the good guys now. I cannot even imagine being the other way. It's so weird.

There are a few others. Those are probably the biggest ones in shaping my personality and feelings.

Edit: Oh, and Mattimeo's story is awesome.
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Getting introduced to books at age two. I've loved books and stories ever since. I remember my mom told me to go bond with my little brother and I'd throw books in his crib. I didn't mean to hit him on the head, really!

Also, Batman the Animated Series was probably what turned me into a nerd. Though I liked Power Rangers more at the time.
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I'm expanding mine.

The year was actually '05. I had enough of my boring life, and set about to change it. It was mid April, and I set myself four goals to achieve by the end of the year. They ranged in difficultly from easy to accomplish to extremely difficult. I gave myself a deadline to finish these task by the end of that year.

The final goal was to find a long term girlfriend. And I've been going out with her for five years now. Considering we own a house together, I have a feeling it will be longer.

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