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Apr 14, 2005
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I'm watching an anime on right now called Monster.

Man, it is weird.

The beginning shows the main character, Dr. Tenma, and a day of his life. He's the most skilled nuerosurgeon in the hospital, he's engaged to the director's daughter, and the Chief Surgeon promoted him to the Cheif nuerosurgeon. He just saved a famous person's life, and everything is going well, until he finds out that the operation he did caused another person to die because he was pulled out of i tin the last minute. The wife of this person confronts Dr. Tenma, who loses his innocence about life in general. He begins to doubt himself.

Then a small newsclip about a visiting family appears. They are Exiles from East Germany (the show takes place in West Germany). The next scene is the police showing up at the exiles house, to find the father and mother dead, and the two twins, the boy is severly injured and the girl is traumatized.

Dr. Tenma rushes to the hospital to operate on the boy. He is about to save the boy's life when the Chief Surgeon tries to pull him from the operation to work on the Mayor. He tells both the Surgeon and the Director to stuff it, and operates on the boy, saving him. This, of course, costs him his new promotion, his fiance (she leaves him because he didn't listen to her Dad), and his cishy life. The only thing that matters to him now is if the boy lives. The Director finds out the boy and his sister are getting publicity, which is good for the hospital, so he pulls Dr. Tenma from being the Primary physician, and unites the twins.

Instant bad idea. The girl, who was still in shock from the murders, faints and scream then starts to mumble 'Please....kill....' (which she had been doing from the beginning), and the boyu wakes up, and starts to cry. Dr, Tenma yells at them for doing something so stupid, and goes out drinking for the night.

He awakes at his apartment, to find out that the new Cheif Surgeon of Nuerosurgery, the Cheif Surgeon of the hospital, and the Director have all been killed.

****ed up ****.

I love this tone of the anime. The opening has obviously older version of the characters in it. I'm so confused and mind****ed it's great.
Just saw episode three and four, in which a time gap of nine years occurs

THis is just getting better and better

The freaky David Bowie song at the end is awesome
Well, it took eight episodes of set up, but I think we are at the point of actually getting to the present now. The last two episodes were hard to get thourgh, but because I found them predictable, which I think it was meant to be.

So now, let's see how the story goes from here.
Because I am teh lame and like to read paper things and not be teh intarwebz pirate, I just now read volume 11.

HOLY **** MOTHER****IN' CROSSDRESSING! I stared at this page for thirty seconds like this :shock: mouthing "Whatthe****whatthe****whatthe****" over and over again! I mean, last volume I was all "Oh **** Nina's shooting people unnecessarily! And poison candy! And being a slut! Where's Dieter? Is she evil or what?" But then it's WHAT THE **** CROSSDRESSING JOHAN. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.

...and he's still awesome even though I know now that he has lovely feminine legs.

At first I was really pissed off that Grimmer showed up and Tenma went away, but now Grimmer is my favorite character. There should be a prequel series about him, possibly called The Magnificent Steiner. It would be glorious. Even though he's a stupid douche who didn't LISTEN TO THE ****ING TAPE when he had the chance.
I've watched the first four episodes. It is intriguing. It is going to take me a while to watch it though.
I'm reading this. It's great.

I love the bit where Johan tells the kid to go look for his mom in the red light district, such a great villain moment.
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