Morrison to destroy CrossGen universe?


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Feb 28, 2005
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Okay, the thread topic is a total lie! *sheepish grin*

But wouldn't that be really awesome? If Grant Morrison was hired to finish up the incomplete Negation War story, systematically destroying the CrossGen sigil-verse, one title at a time, through a series of inter-connected but self-contained one-shots, wrapping up the core CrossGen books.

For the uninitiated, that would be: a space opera (Sigil), a magical fantasy (Mystic), a folklore-esque fantasy (Meridian), a Homerian myth (The First), a Tolkeinesque fantasy (Sojourn) a samurai drama (The Path), a horror tale (Route 666), a Victorian detective series (Ruse), a wuxia comedy (Way of the Rat), a pirate adventure (El Cazador), and a barbarian epic (Brath), bookended with two Negation War stories, featuring the cast of Negation and Crux.

It would probably weird, fun, dense, annotation-worthy, and, oh yeah, no doubt completely unfair to the legacy of universe creators Mark Alessi and Gina Villa. But hey, Im sure I'd like it, anyway. :twisted:
The only titles I really liked from the Crossgen universe that I read was Way of the Rat and Sojourn. Mystic, Sigil and Meridian sucked.

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