movie-poster-mash-up : Round 1 : Watchmen!


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This was brought to my attention by Gothamite when he posted the superhero one. But the idea is from here

They describe it as :
We asked our readers to mash up classic film posters and a given theme, and they answered in droves.
See the best of the best here: you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be appalled at the punning...

Rules I'm doing :

1. Do not just save a poster of another site as say it's your own poster.

2. Posters must be spoofing a movie poster i.e No original posters.

3. End of set time we vote and top 3 are announced with winner choosing next rounds spoof category.

4. Not everyone has photoshop so no making fun of posters done in other programs (Thought i'd add that)

Well first round the category since the movie just came out = Watchmen. (movie, comic, anything)

I say 2 weeks is enough time for this so Round ends Tuesday 24th March I thought this could be a fun game for this site so have fun!


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I was considering a Kill Bill parody with Laurie in Beatrix's role called Kill Blake, but I don't have the patents to do it in paint

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