My complete fanfic


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Mar 6, 2005
My completed fanfic

Here is a complete issue i did for a spidey fanfic (issue 1). I've been working on it a while.

By complete, I mean it has art and scripts.

Hope you enjoy! Leave a response as to whether you liked it or not!

Before you begin viewing, read this statement:
To view with most east, open up all documents, starting with page 22 and going up. Then click out of Ultimate Central (you can come back later). This will cause them to be stacked in order. When you are done with one page, click out of it, and the next page should be the one you are viewing. It works for me.

Please, leave a respone; praise or constructive criticism.

I put a lot of time into this, so I hope you all enjoy!
Peace, MM 1/
Password: Spider-Man

its read-only. its in album "iss 1"
i suggest using the slideshow function. 1/iss1cover.jpg 1/iss1pg1.jpg 1/iss1pg2.jpg 1/iss1pg3.jpg 1/iss1pg4.jpg 1/iss1pg5.jpg 1/iss1pg6.jpg 1/iss1pg7.jpg 1/iss1pg8.jpg 1/iss1pg9.jpg 1/iss1pg10.jpg 1/iss1pg11.jpg 1/iss1pg12.jpg 1/iss1pg13.jpg 1/iss1pg14.jpg 1/iss1pg15.jpg 1/iss1pg16.jpg 1/iss1pg17.jpg 1/iss1pg18.jpg 1/iss1pg19.jpg 1/iss1pg20.jpg 1/iss1pg21.jpg 1/iss1pg22.jpg

Edit: individual page links fixed. Sorry.
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Even though this has both characters and plot, it would be worth checking out just for the art -- it looks like the kind of cartoon a high school student would make about his life, almost as though Peter Parker drew it himself. Most impressive! :D

Marvelman, how long did it take you to do this?
I started it July 2 and finished it July 22 of this year. So that's roughly a page a day. Some days I didn't do any, whereas the day I first posted the issue on the net I did 7 pages.

And yes, it is very much a "cartoon" about a high schooler's life; a whole lot of me is put into Parker: the names hes been called I have been called (yes all of them) at one point or another; his scientific mindset and memory recall is the same as mine, and his 12 year crush on the same girl is the same as mine.

So, there ya go.

Glad you liked it. (You liked it, right? :D)

Peace, thanks for actually reading it and posting a "review" type thing.

I really appreciate it, especially coming from you, Seldes.

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marvelman said:
Glad you liked it. (You liked it, right? :D)
Yes, my previous post was meant to be highly complimentary. (Apparently I need to practice gushing more often....)

One page a day? Good heavens, it takes me three evenings to produce one half-way decent drawing of pretty much anything. And, sadly, I understand the life of an upopular, "nerdy" student all too well. I think many of us can relate. But you did channel that experience into something artistic. Is this going to be a series, or will you stop after this issue?
Oh, no, get ready, cuz this is a series. I have everything out to Issue 4 all mapped out, and then some random ideas here and there.


O, and thx again. :D

(I was just teasing w/ sarcasm over whether you liked it.)


First of all great job, love the art but there is a few problems. Like the clock, you could have made that perfectly round without any problems. And why didn't you use some program to do the speech bubbles ? But overall nice art, really great!

(Do Ultimate punisher for me will ya? :wink: )
perhaps... later... (use your doctor evil voice)

That page was incredibly rushed my friend, as I did it at 11:30 at night and wanted to get it up before 12. That's why i did page 22 out of order at about 8 that night. I think it's quite evident, as the whole page is sloppy. Perhaps I'll touch it up?

And why didn't I use a program for the speech bubbles? That's simple! I wrote what I thought would fit as I went along for a good deal of the sections. Though, mind you, most of it is planned. The ideas: there. The words: improvisation. For instance, I know EXACTLY how Issue 3 is going to end: the scene, the setup, everything. I just am not sure exactly how I'm going to get there. :lol: Wow, what a professional I am.

Not to mention, I don't have a sufficient program to do it in a time efficient manner, nor do I want to run the risk of the bubbles not fitting where I want them.

Please, everyone, leave your comments. I love the attention!


Thanks, Peace,


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