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Well folks, I am working on my greatest piece yet: a social commentary on God vs. Science.

The scene is the Creation of Adam from the sistine chapel ceiling, and what I am doing is setting Adam as a scientist turning his head from God and reading a documnet on DNA.

I just finished God, and Adam is going to be a photo reference off of me.

I am doing this for my Catholic school's literary magazine, so I hope to stir up some controversy with the conservative types; but in reality, there is no controversy to be had, I am just adressing the fact that science can conflict with faith in art form.



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just finished part 2. itll be up pretty soon; then i will put up an edited together piece.


Here's part 2:

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wow, it's "awesome", haha. while the concept isn't anything new (science can conflict with faith), i really did like how you pulled it off. great concept! can't wait to see the finished product.


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and thanks, people

i'm having trouble merging the images. could anyone perhaps photoshop it together??


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THis is really pretty Marvelman, you know I always loved your stuff from when you used to draw my covers :)

A tip you might want to try using or to thumbnail your work.



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What if you made it look like God was on a TV and Adam had a remote control in his hand? I don't know why, but the image just seems to suggest that too me.


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Thats a good idea. I may try that sometime...

I was going for a science vs. faith thing here though. Just a symbolic piece.

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