MY NAME IS BRUCE!!! news/discussion

Ultimate Houde said:
There's one dealing with vampires that I think is set to be in production soon.

It's a prequel of Bubba ho tep.

There was supposed to be one about vampires and one about a sasquatch.... It's good to hear one of them's in pre-production.
I'll probably go see this at my local movie theater tonight or tomorrow night because BRUCE CAMPBELL HIMSELF will be hosting a Q&A after each screening!!!!

I'm having trouble thinking of what I'd like to ask him; I kind of want it to be Brisco County-themed, but that's just one possibility.

Do you guys have any suggestions for what I should ask the man (the legend!)?
I'll be there tomorrow, at the seven showing most likely.

It now looks like that's when I'm going to be going, too, because of a situation that just arose. If you do end up going, I'll be on the lookout for you (that is, if you've appeared in the Pictures thread so far; if not, I'll wear my Emerson sweatshirt just in case).

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