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Jul 24, 2004
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From Newsarama:

"Comic-Con International 2006 will be the site of a number of exciting announcements from Oni Press. In addition to a full schedule of signings and portfolio reviews at their booth located at Booth 1934, the crew from Oni is gathering for a panel at 10:30 AM on Saturday, July 22 in Room 8 to preview and discuss new titles from Ray Fawkes & Cameron Stewart, Hunter Covington, Ande Parks, and many, many more.

"Man, I can't put into words how jazzed I am about the next year's worth of Oni Press projects," commented James Lucas Jones, editor-in-chief, about the announcements. "All of these new comics and graphic novels fit perfectly into an already rich and diverse Oni catalog, while simultaneously adding new flavors to the Oni smorgasbord. Our tried-and-true favorite creators are moving in compelling new directions with their work, and we are pleased to welcome some very talented new creators into the Oni fold as well."

Titles announced will be released throughout the next year, and run the gamut covering a wealth of genres and formats and include both new creator-owned projects as well as new licensed comics.


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