My Name is Earl

The new one was amazing.

Once again, MDK plays a kid whose father neglects him. :?

Randy was golden this ep. With the underwear on the head, the crying while holding the gas, and the cheeto bedtime story.

I thought last week's was one of their best. Great lines from all the major and minor characters, and a good solid ending, too.

Randy: What'd he look like, Earl?

Earl: Kinda like E.T. when they found him by the river.

Randy: Poor little monkey. He just wanted to phone home.
Anyone else besides me loving this season? Every episode has been a winner so far, and the November previews look pretty damn entertaining as well. :D
this "just" came out in denmark .. it's so funny, i cant stop laughing :D

getting the dvd for christmas!
i didn't know theire was a thread for this!!

this is honestly the best show ever

"i think it's better to be alive than to be adead"

the right choice ranch
bringing bad boys to their knees since 1965​
This news brought to you by the number 4:

Following the news last week that Jaime Pressly (Joy) is four months pregnant, Ethan Suplee's (Randy) wife is pregnant with their fourth child.
The COPS spoof was spot-on. I was amazed that they got every single guest star who lives in Camden County (except for Ralph) to come back; that minute-or-so camera swoop of the entire Crab Shack makes me long for a TiVo.

Wow, DJF, it must be so lonely for you in this thread all alone.

What did people think of the Scratch 'n' Sniff thing? I thought it was kind of lame, though the episode kicked *** as usual.

You know the episode with the Internet guy who was killed by his bed? Remember how he typed something and said "I'm sure everyone on Television without Pity will agree with me"? That's an actual site for discussing TV and there's a thread for My Name is Earl in their forums. Someone actually posted that. Earlier, they'd talked about how they were afraid of their new bed and how they'd just noticed they talked out loud while typing. This was weeks or months before the show aired. The people who emailed the member (WhoJackie) actually got responses from Joy because she took the guy's laptop on the show. Then this was posted:

WhoJackie said:
Hey Dummies. Joy here. I saw you guys were giving money to a charity in Josh's name. Good for you. Maybe you'll all go to heaven. Doubt it. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I'm figuring out how to use this camera thing that's hooked to Josh's computer and with any luck I'll be making some cool videos I can send out on the Interweb. (Someone corrected me when they heard me say it was the wide wide world of web.)

Also, when I get the camera working I'm gonna sell some stuff. Hell, I might sell my Prettiest Princess Torphy if I can get enough cash for it. And since I don't have that much money to donate I'm gonna give the money from the stuff I sell to that charity thing. So start saving up your money.

I'll let you know when I get the camera working.

Peace out


I have no idea what you're talking about TwilightEL.

That said, I have recently purchased the first season of My Name Is Earl.

It is one of my very favourite shows. I love it. I find it hard to fault it in anyway. It's just wonderful!

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