My Quentin Tarantino autograph


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May 17, 2004
I was cleaning out some stuff yesterday and found my Quentin Tarantino autograph. It's pretty amazing and has a cool story behind it and I don't know if I've ever shared it here.

This dates back to the wedding of Bob Weinstein, the less visible half of the Weinstein Brothers, former heads of Miramax. A former boss of mine is related (very close relation) to Bob's wife; my boss's wife actually stood up at Bob's wedding. My boss and I were always quoting Pulp Fiction so this was a pretty big deal around the office.

We knew that Quentin Tarantino was going to be there, so I asked my boss to ask Tarantino what was in the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. We both figured he would answer like he answers every time he is asked, but we figured in a different setting, maybe with the booze flowing, we might get somewhere with it. Couldn't hurt.

So long story short, my boss said Tarantino was an AWESOME guy; super nice and just willing to shoot the breeze about anything and everything. He got an autograph for me on the back of the menu for the wedding reception (I'll get a pic of the other side later and post it):


Mr Brown is Tarantino's character is Reservoir Dogs, for anyone who hasn't see that. He even spelled my name right - my own family usually screws that up.

It's pretty much the coolest autograph anyone could ask for.

And for the record he answered about the suitcase like he always does: "it's whatever you want it to be."

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