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Apr 14, 2005
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So Freeze needed a project to work on, and I need to keep focused on writing, so we came up with a manga to do, except, well, it's read left to right because we ain't Japanese.

So, to help us with this project, Random is doing the text boxes for us. Here's the short little prologue we did, and currently, while Freeze works on drawing the characters and getting use to them, I'm writing the plotline, and Random is probably still unable to sleep at night. Which doesn't help us out too much at the beginning.


Sorry to say this but im afraid i wont be continuing with this project. I had even started working on the next couple of pages when my main hard drive died, along with soooooo many unfinished drawings.

I hope that if Houde cant find a replacement artist, he will still write this story for you guys because, even though i had read very little into it, i became really intrigued. I`d had some projects put in front of me before that i wasnt particularly impressed with (can we say Captain Sensation in here still?)

I was glad to be a part of it but honestly, i think i was always going to end up letting him down and anyone else interested in the project, sorry guys.
Im going to address some issues over in my art thread too......
We talked about it, he recommended a website to go look at and pitch it there.

I also would like to say if anyone here wants to give it a go with the art, feel free to PM me.

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