New audio-comic on Youtube: The Adventures of Sgt Grit Grinder's Suicide Squad

Ken E

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Jun 6, 2021
Just alerting people to a new audio comic available on Youtube: The Adventures of Sgt Grit Grinder's Suicide Squad. The series is based on the legendary comic strip of the same name that appeared in 1983, drawn by my friend Greg Rickards (who sadly passed away in 2004). I co-wrote the scripts with him, but all the artwork is his. The comic is a rollicking comedy set during World War II, featuring the toughest soldier that has ever lived: Sgt Grit Grinder. To quote from the publicity blurb, "Twenty-three action-packed episodes tell the story of America's most homicidal maniac, Sgt Grit Grinder, in the early days of WWII. Join Grit and his loyal band of misfits as they take on the might of Hitler's Reich and make a stand for the 'American Way'." Each episode is between 5 and 7 minutes long.

Anyway, it really is worth taking a look at this production, and I'm not saying that because I had some involvement in it. Greg should have had a career in multi-media, but sadly mental illness got in the way and caused his eventual death. However, thanks to a mutual friend, who happens to have a recording studio in his house, and who was a huge fan of Grit Grinder when it first appeared, the comic strip has been revived. I was a bit reluctant to let my friend take control of it at first, as I was not convinced the quality of the acting could match the artwork. However, I was proved wrong. The acting and production qualities are top rate. The series is a great tribute to Greg.

The first seven episodes are available on Youtube at

All 23 episodes are available in audio form on Spotify at, and on various other podcast platforms (all of which are listed at the end of episodes 6 and 7 on Youtube).

Let me know what you think.

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