Avengers New Avengers: POST Civil War Discussion

Jackie Estacado

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Jan 5, 2005
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Hmm, unless i've missed the thread... thought i'd start up one with peoples predictions for the New Avengers (Mighty Avengers line up seems set as the cover for it has been shown), the lineup and where teh heck is their story going...

shoot people :)
I think captain america will go back to his sweet little ice-cube again, well even if it's not his ice-cube, i can bet a million dollars that he will disappear just like Fury did right after the Civil War.

I believe that's the reason they are calling every story about cap and Iron Man "TOP SECRET" on marvel.com

And the rest of the New Avengers? I have no idea, oh I also can easily predict that Spidey will have some hard times too, and I bet he won't disappear when only 2 months left to his movie.

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