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Mark Millar said:
Bendis said he had enough of me showing off about how our Crossover story launching Greg Land and my run on UFF (next month) is going to kick the arse of New Avengers both in terms of quality and sales. He asked me to put my money where my mouth is and Joe Q gleefully started rubbing his hands together because, well, he likes this kind of thing.

As you know, the Jim Cav/ Superman bet where I lost a grand to Harry Knowles (plus some other bets you never heard of) means that my wife has banned me from throwing any more cash around. Thus, the stakes just got a little higher and I hereby promise that if New Avengers outsells my Ultimate FF ish 21 in July I will go through the entire Chicago Wizard Con completely sober this year. THAT'S how confident I am (and yeah, I might have had a peek at some of the early tracking numbers before I made this bet, but so what?)

New Avengers is indeed a monster, but Crossover features pretty much every character in the Marvel line-up drawn by Greg Land and some of them have their tits out. You really can't beat that. Also, there's another little surprise up my sleeve which you won't know until you see this so I'm expecting a very fast sell-out too and a quick second printing.

This is a funny thread at Millarworld with Bendis and Joe Quesada both jumping in changing the bet. It's an amusing read.


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Yeah, I laughed when I read this. This is so gonna be laugh all the way to the end. :lol:

Bass, you should show them what you said. It was very funny! :lol:

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