New Mutants: A Horror Film


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Just what everyone wanted!

New Mutants director Josh Boone has shared his vision of the film - and it's likely not what fans are expecting. Boone called the film a "full-fledged horror movie," telling Entertainment Weekly that he won't be going the traditional superhero route.

"We are making a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe,” Boone explained. “There are no costumes. There are no supervillains. We’re trying to do something very, very different.”

Captain Canuck

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This is the kind of thing that will make or break the franchise. They could make a really well done (PG-13) horror movie with the New Mutants fighting Demon Bear or Magik turning into Darkchilde. Or they could really screw it up.

Either way, they can't survive with more crappy movies like X-Men: Apocalypse. They need to continue to breathe some fresh air into the property. It's worked for them with Deadpool and Logan, now the question is, can they do it with a more obscure corner of the X-verse? And can they do it and keep it PG-13 to maximize audiences?

the watcher

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Trailer is up. Looking interesting... Could be good. But still could end up bad.