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May 17, 2004
So you camped out in line to be the first to see Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, you've played the video game, bought the action figures, devoured the comics adaptation, and now that the excitement of witnessing the completion of the Star Wars cinematic cycle has subsided you're left with nagging fear that you've reached the end of the line. With the last film wrapped, you're worried May 2005 marked the end of Star Wars, right? Not quite!

It's no secret that Dark Horse publishes a steady stream of top-notch Star Wars comic-books month in and month out. The last few years have seen our ongoing series Rebublic (set in the prequel era, chronically events prior to, during, and just after Episode III), Empire (focusing on the Original Trilogy era), and Tales (covering everything from the Old Republic era to the New Jedi Order) rise to prominence and reach an unparalleled level of creative quality.

Before year's end, we'll be adding two more exciting projects to the list. September sees the return to one of Dark Horse's most beloved Star Wars properties: Wedge Antilles and the X-wing pilots of Rogue Squadron. X-Wing: Rogue Leader, a three-issue miniseries written by LucasArts game designer Haden Blackman (SW Obsession) and illustrated by Tomás Giorello bridges the gap between the characters and situations in Return of the Jedi and Dark Horse's first Rogue Squadron series, the Rebel Opposition.

Following Rogue Leader in December is the event every Star Wars fan has been dreaming of-Darth Vader unleashing his full fury on the shattered pieces of the Jedi order in a one-shot entitled (what else?) Purge. In the aftermath of Palpatine's Order 66, a group of Jedi gather to discuss what can be done about the Sith's rise to power. Vader gets word of the meeting from an unexpected source, and shows up with lightsaber blazing. Oh, the carnage! Purge is brought to you by the capable and deadly hands of writer John Ostrander (SW Republic) and artist Doug Wheatley (SW Episode III adaptation).

After that, all bets are off-our entire Star Wars publishing line receives a top-to-bottom makeover.

2006 marks Dark Horse's twentieth anniversary, and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the occasion than by renewing our commitment to keeping our Star Wars line forward-thinking and vital. With that, our current series will wind down and make way for several new, ongoing projects.

Kicking off our new Star Wars order in January '06 will be Knights of the Old Republic: an ongoing monthly series written by John Jackson Miller (Iron Man) and illustrated by Brian Ching (SW Obsession), and set four thousand years before the rise of the Empire and the fall of Anakin Skywalker (and four years prior to the events in the Knights of the Old Republic video game). On the planet Taris, a young Padawan named Zayne has been framed for a heinous and brutal crime against the Jedi order. Suddenly a wanted fugitive and on the run from his Jedi Masters, Zayne is forced to ally himself with the under-city's criminals, con artists, and petty thieves he'd previously vowed to bring to justice. Staying alive is the first order of business and if he's ever to clear his name, Zayne must make this new alliance work ... providing he survives the experience.

Hot on the heels of KOTOR, comes Rebellion, the first in a series of five-issue miniseries set during the Original Trilogy era and featuring characters introduced in our Empire series. Seeking to exploit a fatal flaw in the Rebel fleet's escape strategies, the Empire plants a sleeper agent in the Alliance's midst and sets into motion a series of events that will have devastating consequences. Meanwhile, Darth Vader's own agenda runs counter to the Empire's schemes, and he's ensnared Lt. Janek Sunber to carry out a secret mission that will lead the idealistic Imperial officer straight into the heart of the Rebellion. Rising stars Rob Williams and Brandon Badeaux mastermind this new series.

And that's only the beginning. Throughout the remainder of this year and into 2006 we'll unveil the rest of our re-launch plans, and we guarantee not to disappoint. No era will be left untouched, no theme left unexplored, and no matter your level of Star Wars fandom, be you casual or hardcore, you'll find something to stimulate your imagination and remind you why you first fell in love with that galaxy far, far away. 2005 may signal the end of the Star Wars film series, but for Dark Horse and the rest of the Expanded Universe, it's only the beginning...
icemastertron said:
Yup. My first official DH comic will be this one! :D

Thanks, E. :heybaby:
Nah, it should be the 25 cent Goon issues solicited in next months previews. Then buy this. I know I will.

Has there been any word of KotOR 3? Two kind of left us hanging, and I'd really like to get back in there.
Baxter said:
Nah, it should be the 25 cent Goon issues solicited in next months previews. Then buy this. I know I will.
25 cents, you say? Hmm....Intriguing (sp?). What is the Goon about? Maybe if it sounds good I'll pick it up, and then maybe in trades.

Baxter said:
Has there been any word of KotOR 3? Two kind of left us hanging, and I'd really like to get back in there.
I haven't heard anything as of yet. I havent even played 2 cuz my bro. took his XBOX to Cali.... :(

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