New year's shenanigans!


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Nov 10, 2005
I have to work tonight. In the Emergency Room in one of only two Level 1 hospitals in a 150 mile radius.

The local pub, then downtown to the very large, very muddy New Years concert thingy outside city hall.

The worst year of my life to date, by far, is finally over. The last two times I got to say this, it was followed by an even worse year. Right now though, things seem to be looking a bit up for the first time in a long time. I hope very much that it sticks this time.
Stayed home. I'm not really a "going out" kind of guy.
I was home as well. But I spent the night playing games with ProjectX2 and Ultxon, in which they won everything and I nothing. But we still had a great time.
I ran an all-night youth event for teenagers. (I'm a youth pastor, remember). Games, laser quest, skating, korean bbq, etc.

12 hours, 42 teenagers.
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We didn't do anything New Years Eve night but the night of New Years Day we had some friends over and played Rock Band until 3 AM.

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