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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
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New Avengers: The Reunion. He didn't say much about this, just that it was on the way in spring.

There are more Skrull reveals on the way.

Marvel Breakout is a new anthology series which will have art by the 12 finalists of Chesterquest. Also Marvel Comic Presents is coming back as Astonishing Tales.

War of Kings will be a 6 issue mini series. There will be a few spin offs after it's finished, including an Inhumans series and a Darkhawk series, which won't be written by Cebulski. Not clear if these are ongoings or minis.

Marvel now have the worldwide rights to the Soleil series, and this applies retrospectively. So those Soleil books that were previously only available in the US will soon be available worldwide.

There will be a Punisher Noir series.

CB didn't elaborate that much, but I get the feeling that there will be a NEW series about some MUTANTS some time soon.

Magneto Testament will get a sequel

No big Secret Invasion/Civil War type event next summer, but a few smaller ones. War of Kings being one and another Bendis event around October/November.

Dan Slott has re-upped his exclusive with Marvel

Mighty Avengers will be "the ray of light" against the Dark Reign (Slott's words!)

The recent three-piece artwork that Joe Quesada showed on Cup'Joe a few weeks back (the one with Herc, Scarlet Witch, etc) is NOT the cover/covers to Mighty Avengers. Slott confirmed that Jocasta and Pym will be on the team (which I think is already known) but declined to answer which costume Pym will be in...

Rob Liefeld is working issue 3 of the Killraven mini, written by Robert Kirkman. Cebulski said there was still some other Kirkman stuff to be released.
Jocasta? Cool and i guess real Pym is alive then.

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