Newsarama gives 4-page preview of Ultimates 2 #7

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Jan 27, 2005
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Mark Millar has sent a preview of Ultimates 2 #7 to Newsarama consisting of 4 inked pages - no letters or colors.

From Newsarama: As a gesture to fans for giving his new website their consideration, Mark Millar has also sent along a very early preview of September's Ultimates 2 #7 just for Newsarama readers, because that's just how Mark Millar rolls.

According to the comic book entrepreneur, this issue kicks off "Grand Theft America", Millar and Bryan Hitch's final six-issue arc on the series.

"Every other book out there is saying that their next issue will break the Internet in half, but this is going to shatter it into tiny pieces," Millar told Newsarama in his typical low-key fashion. "This arc is where the traitor gets revealed and everything we know about The Ultimates is turned upside down."

Click here to see the preview.
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It implies Hawkeye is the traitor, well to me it does.
TheManWithoutFear said:
Too early in the issue. Hawkeye's being questioned because the evidence points to the black ops department. Black Widow is the traitor.
Juuuuust keep telling yourself that buddy. And she'll lose her hair and get manly just in time for the cover too... ;)

Anyone else here doing the math? That issue #8 starts off the last six? Meaning 13 issues again?
So does that make #7 stand alone or a prologue?

Ok...I've done enough lurking and have decided to enter into the discussion...

Millar is more than likely messing with us as this issue looks more like 7 then 8. Why? Look at #7's solicitation of :
"Ultimates Attack"...which they do as we can see
AND the big Ultimate commits something bad against another Ultimate which Hitch once mentioned a massacre of an Ultimates family in #7. Who's family do we see now? Hawkeyes

oh...and why is there a small circle right on Mrs. Hawkeye's forehead (last panel...look close)?
LASER POINTER? or perhaps attached to some weapon about to take out a certain someone's family...

anyways...great web site and forum...I'll pop up more and more

After seeing the preview, the cover, and various hints dropped by Millar I'm 99% positive I know who the traitor is. And wow. . .that'll lead to an INTRESTING story. :shock:
I know we're not supposed to speculate in these forums but a mod can move it if he needs to...

I too think this is Ultimates #7, or the original plot for #7 has been turned into #8.

Hawkeye is either the traitor, or being framed by the traitor, or something along those lines.
His wife and kids are going to be captured or killed...
TBH i don't think that millar would show those images unless he wanted to throw people off the scent of the real traitor (or just cause he wants to f**k with our heads lol) :D
I think with this preview, and especially page 19, that Hawkeye and his family are one of the traitor's victims.

Ultimate Starts Month continues as a new chapter of the saga of the Ultimates begins to unfold! As Captain America leads the team into action, the mysterious traitor makes a move that will forever alter the life of one of the the most horrifying way possible
Now it's strange, because it seems that the "move that will forever alter the life of one of the the most horrifying way possible" happen in #8.
I didn't check, but when Hitch talked about a "ultimate's family", was it about #7 ou #8 ?
The preview pages are for #7, out next month. The cover shown is for #8, out in September.

And I predict very bad things in store for Hawkeye and his family, and NO, I don't think he's the traitor. I *think* he survives this issue, but I'm not sure in what capacity.
:drooling: :drooling: :drooling: :drooling: :drooling: :drooling: :drooling:

I think this is #7. But... man oh man... poor Hawkeye.

But here's the thing... WHY? Or, to quote a good friend from this forum quoting Batman, "Who Benefits?"

Why do this to Hawkeye? What possible benefit is there?
im still goin more with a more main character than hawkeye. sorry to you hawk fans but he always seemed a more 3rd tier member of the Ultimates. it's easy to make a (not main) character a traitor but good writing makes a more likeable and important character a traitor

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