Newsarama: Orson Scott Card to write Ultimate Iron Man


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May 17, 2004
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"Finally paying off on a hint dropped by Publisher Dan Buckley at WizardWorld Dallas, it was inadvertently announced by that novelist Orson Scott Card will be the writer on next year’s Ultimate Iron Man six issue miniseries, joining artist Andy Kubert. The first issue will reportedly have a foil cover by Bryan Hitch, whose artwork is seen here.

The tagline Marvel gave to reads: "If you thought The Ultimates told you everything you needed to know about Ultimate Iron Man, think again."

The move by Marvel makes Card the lastest in a series of novelists who have moved to comics for a project or an extended stay, a list which includes Greg Rucka, Brad Meltzer, Kevin Anderson, Michael Moorcock, Mat Johnson, Gary Phillips, Richard Morgan, and others.

Card is best known for his science fiction series of novels that began in 1986 with Ender’s Game. Both the original novel, and its sequel, Speaker for the Dead won Hugo and Nebula Awards, respectively, in 1986 and 1987. The series now spans seven novels, and Warner Brothers has signed Wolfgang Petersen to bring Ender’s Game to the screen.

The author’s works, however, span genre boundaries, as he has written ghost stories (Lost Boys), romance (Enchantment), alternate history (Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus), religious (“Women of Genesis”), and fantasy (The Tales of Alvin Maker). Card is also an accomplished playwright, with over a dozen plays produced; and an educator, teaching several courses on writing over the years in a variety of universities and colleges.

The project will be Kubert’s first major work since 1602."
YES! YES! YES! HAHAHAHA! Incredible news!

Card is my favorite novelist, so this is simply a dream come true for me! His Ender novels are explosive, his Homecoming book are utlimately though-provoking, "Enchantment" was unbelievable, and "Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus" is breathtaking.

I cannot wait for this title! I'm full of joy and anticipation.
I dont know who Card is, but this sounds like it's gonna be really good. Cant wait for this to come out.
This is great news. I'm reading one of his books. Wonderful news, truly.

Since this is only a six-issue mini, we still don't know what will be the next ultimate ongoing book. But this will be one hell of a mini, nonetheless.
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Um...don't "Ultimate War" and "Ultimate Six" qualify as that?

This series is sure not to be disappointing with Card behind it. The man's truly a genius, and a professional when it comes to writing.
Huh. Well, I've read alot of Card's work, and though I can't say I've been as impressed as Aeroth has, I haven't exactly hated them either.

This is deffinatly going to be something to look into.
I've got to agree with Aeroth, Card is great. I've never been a real Iron Man fan but Card might just make me pick this up (if my sense of completeness didn't)