Avengers Newsarama previews New Avengers #27


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I love Yu's art. honestly I hated the Ronin arc, I liked the preview, but i guess I'll save judgement for when I read the full product.


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I'll try this out for Yu's art, but if the story fails to grab me, I'll drop it.


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I love how Bendis throws in the line about "idiots" trying to figure out who Ronin is and the name dropping Iron Fist and Nick Fury.


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Wow, this looks really cool. I've never even seen this character before and I want to find out what happens.


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Does Civil War #7 come out next week as well? If not, I wonder how much this might spoil...


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well, its pretty obvious that the registration act survives...how much else could there be to spoil?


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New Avengers #27 Preview

I don't care how many of you hate Ronin for whatever reason. I, myself, was skeptical of Echo wearing the costume at all but this completely eliminates any cynical notions I had towards the character...


Looks cool. I love this book.

Bendis has done a pretty good job about going back to plots and subplots

And I didn't hate Ronin. The story was pretty good. The character is good. My beef was with Marvel and bendis and the manner in which they hyped the reveal.

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