No exclusive renewment for Rucka at DC.


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Jul 24, 2004
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[IMGL][/IMGL]Greg Rucka, who has been DC exclusive since 2003, will not be renewing his contract with the company, according to his blog, which an excerpt is posted at Newsarama.

Rucka, writer of such titles as Check-Mate, Crime Bible, and also one the writers of the year long 52 title, says why he won't. Not mentioned is what he will do now afterwards, exactly.

… I've been in a slump for the last six-to-eight weeks or so, dealing with a variety of issues related to writing in general, and my writing in particular. Continued frustrations in dealing with people who really ought to know how to do their jobs properly, for instance, and the lethargy that seems to always set in just in time to really complicate the already exceptionally complicated rush into the holidays. I don't know if it's just SAD from living in the PNW during weather like this (and for a wonderful write-up on just how, uh…wet it's been for some folks, take a look at mercuryeric's journal) or something else, but, like clockwork, my mood and my productivity both go to Hell in a handbasket around my birthday.

I was in LA on personal business the last two days, and I got to spend some time with my brother and his bride, and I got to see Andrew and Xtie, and that was good for the soul, especially opposite the contortions I've been going through the last several weeks. I feel better. I've made some decisions. One of them is that I'm not renewing my exclusive with DC. Others less deserving of announcement at the moment, but of no less import to myself and my family.
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Lots of people want him to go to Marvel and write Nick Fury.


am i the only one who see's the resemblence with Brent Butt?
Well, I heard he was pissed off with what DiDio made them do with 52.

Even in his forewards in the 52 trades, he kept mentioning that ending they wanted and the ending they were forced to do.
Well, I heard he was pissed off with what DiDio made them do with 52.

What was that? And what was it he wanted to do?

Keep in mind I have not read 52 and have no idea what the point of it was other than, I think,
to reestablish multiple universes in the DCU

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