OC discussion *spoilers*

..........and it is finished.

I've finished the entire series and the word of the day kids: nonjudgmental.

Like everybody else here, I was quick to dismiss "The O.C" as the televised downfall of primetime TV. Or just TV in general. It's so easy to dismiss this show as bad or lame. But the real challenge is putting all previous notions and dispositions about this show aside and giving it it's fair chance.

And that's what I did.

I decided to give this show a fair shake and press thru Season1 no matter what. I did. And I loved it. Once you get past the obvious, network test group-focused Mischa Barton aspect, its so easy to enjoy the show thanks to the "so-called" supporting cast. And of course some of the plots are gonna be a tad contrived.....it's a primetime "soap operaesque" drama starring teens. Without the forced teen drama, you lose the focus audience, show purpose, and driving force of the pop culture references and "fresh" vibe of the show.

So go ahead and laugh. Mock me for liking the show. It's ok. I probably deserve it. And while this show will never be in vying position for "Top 10 Greatest TV Shows"....I will proudly place it in the "Top 10 Most Entertaining Shows". I genuinely enjoyed the show from start to finish (even the slightly horrible low point called Season3).

So go ahead and laugh. But when you're ready to man up and give the show a try and press thru Season1........you call me when you find yourself unable to live without Peter Gallagher's eyebrows, or Adam Brody's hilarious quips, or Rachel Bilson's hotness. I bet I never recieve that call. Why? Because it's impossible not to love 'em.

It's just such a great guilty pleasure.

Screw you. :x
One day.....you're all gonna catch the reruns on cable when there is nothing else on. And then you'll find yourself catching the next day's episode. And then teh next one.

And then you'll all be hooked.

And my vindication will taste like the McRib.

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