Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Series Discussion (Possible Spoilers)


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Nov 30, 2004
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Let's start a thread for this series. I go to my comic shop and read issue to issue and collect trades. These are the only things I take home with me.

Today A-Z #2 came out and I'm pretty happy with it. Some of my favorite entries.

Bedlam, Black Box, Blob, Alexander Bont, Brood, Caliban, Callisto, Black Tom Cassidy, Chamber.

Even have Lila Cheney so I can work on that Ultimization Entry :twisted:

Stuart does post on this site guys so maybe you can ask him your questions here too.
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I rarely go through these handbooks. I mostly use them as reference books. When I encounter a character I've never heard of or have forgotten about.
TheManWithoutFear said:
I read them back to front. They make great reading material for the office.

Read: toilet.

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