Oh Bugger....its The Great British Thread


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Jun 30, 2005
South Wales, UK
What ho chaps. Welcome to The Great British Thread. Care for some tea and scones?
We fellows of the United Kingdom need more recognition. So I have taken it upon my highly cultured self to start a thread dedicated to the comings and goings of the mighty British Empire.


Latest news, apparently a bird of some sort has had a crash with an RAF Tornado. Dreadful news. Time for some tea.

Oh bugger me! it would appear to be what the uncultured world has been waiting for! A thread all about the greatest empire to have ever existed and fueled solely on Tea and dripping.

How about that British Sunshine eh monkay? By Jove i think its buggered off already!
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Cheers mate!

Pip pip

Master Kalicki would you care for some jam sandwiches? or maybe some hanky panky instead? ;D what what what

Whatwhat? The weather has been positively dreadful John old bean.

Its absolutely legging it down here in Cardiff. Really i mean it is literally pissing it down
How about Swansea?
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I wouldn't know about Swansea old chap, moved out of there when the chavs descended upon us.

I am currently residing in Cardiff as well, so yes, it is chucking it down from the Heavens squire.
bloody chavs. I see they have taken over the underpass over by the musem also. Little buggers jumped a mate of mine once and gave him a right good thumping.
where abouts in cardiff?
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Oh i have no idea. Never even stepped out of the city really to be honest with you. Im up by the Business school of the university. You know Blackweir tavern?
Ruddy good time 'e's been 'aving up with them damnable irishmen. Ey, now boy?
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I only go Blackweir cos its across the road from where i live lol. But i rather go Revs or Oceana on a monday night son! Leng Lui night!
Yo yo yo. 'sup boyeeeeeeees?

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