One of the best videos ever posted on YouTube


Excelsior Club

That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Victor Von Doom

Fist of teh Internets.
It felt like I was watching a White Stripe's video.

So I guess it was pretty cool. Personally I'd use my telekenisis to fix myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes.


Nexus of the World
Tony vs. Paul(or why telekinesis would be wasted on a lot people).

:shock: This must have taken at least a month to make. The end result is well worth it, though.

That's really good. Reminds me of a Czechoslovakian animator (whose name escapes me for the moment - he inspired parts of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run.)

*gasp* Oh my God! This man is my exact double! *GASP!* That dog has a PUFFY TAIL!

Hee hee hee eee hee hee! Here puff! Here puff! Hee hee hee eee hee hee!

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